Types of Fabric for Dress Shirts

Cotton: The undisputed king of fabrics for shirts, cotton has been the choice of the connoisseurs for centuries. A finely woven cotton fabric presents all of the properties that a man could want a garment worn close to the body, a good conduction and distribution of heat and humidity, durability, softness, and the ability to take shape when ironing.

Man-made fibres: although they do not have the same beneficial properties as cotton, synthetic or artificial fibres have had a huge impact on the stage of shirts because of their ability to do an acceptable job at a price lower.

Often anti wrinkle and stain, these fibers have and will continue to play a major role in men’s fashion. Although I recommend to stay away from the shirts with more than 50% of artificial fibers, they can be a viable alternative for tight budgets.

Silk: A luxurious fabric easily recognizable because of its brilliance and his capture of light, it is not recommended for most because its maintenance costs are high, and its long-term sustainability is limited. But this is only my opinion!

The color of shirt

White-The colour of the most common shirt; Historically, it has dominated the scene and initially was the only choice for a man. The lack of color on the neck and wrists of a man meant that he didn’t have to do the dirty work; the colourful shirts were seen with suspicion as it was assumed they were coloured to hide the stains. To date, white still reigns as the most formal color, and its popularity has placed it safely among the iconic clothes that a man can wear. Wherever he is, a man can ensure safe that a white shirt will never misplaced.

Blue-Blue domination has more to do with his ability to complete the complexion of most men rather than its historical heritage. The popularity of blue exploded in the United States when more and more clothing factories were looking for colors and patterns that would sell more. Today, the color is firmly as a safe alternative to white. And unfortunately, this is often the only measure of variety found in the collection of shirts in LocalBusinessExplorer.


United-The model simple and the more formal, but the more versatile. A plain shirt the attention away from the color (unless it is in bad taste) and helps a man to better display the style and shape of his garment. And United does not always United. different fabrics can slyly to give the impression of monochrome from a distance and reveal their true nature only to close. A white Poplin fabric United has a look and feel very different from a serge or United white chevron.

Striped-Most of us can’t go wrong with a classic blue on white, but plan to add some accent such as red or pink colors to brighten up the shades of the face. This model goes perfectly well with a suit of solid color.

Tiles-Historically, the purpose of the Plaid Shirt was to signify the origin of its wearer. Today, most of the men are intimidated by wearing such a model with a suit like they think it sounds too heavy. This is not, as long as you remember not to mix patterns. a plaid with a United suit shirt and solid tie, small patterns or striped are excellent combinations. However, it is the less formal model and must be worn with great care in your business meetings.