Twin & siblings trolley

Sibling pram – together discover the world

If the obstetrician discovered two small creatures on the ultrasound screen, the pleasure is of course twice the size. Twins but also mean that parents have the double maintenance with the offspring. You need, for example, a sibling pram, to both children at the same time take can and still on the road, no stress.

Siblings are stroller designed for two children. They consist of two Sun bowls, which are arranged next to each other and form a stroller. In this way can the parents take at the same time both children, if they want to be on the road, and can push both when the twins are no longer run – or want. A sibling pram has also the advantage that he has twice as much transport area. Mothers and fathers can bring shopping bags as the single stroller everywhere and easily transported.

Some models are suitable for sporty parents, who would be traveling together with their twins. Walk, jog, or simply go for a walk can you with such a sibling pram easily, because it is shaped, that sport is fun and is even possible. Thanks to such a stroller children must remain at home alone and the parents will never have also in favour of children to the sport.