Turns Your Tablet Android in a Telepresence Robot with Origibot

Origibot, is a simple but promising new robotic telepresence is trying to finance at Indiegogo, and that use our Android tablets to help us interact with the environment of our home or the place to which we decide to take it to breaking the barrier of distance.

The tablet that we add you to our Origibot will be our eyes and our face, and using your Android application to It will broadcast in streaming everything you see and hear for us, from the comfort of your PC or mobile device, using cloud-based web interface or your app to be able to remotely control it.

With its mechanical arm of aluminum and his hand in the form of clip, Origibot will allow us to perform all kinds of tasks, as open or close doors, serve you our pet food, meet anyone to distance or simply explore your home while you’re out to make sure everything is in place.

Forty days to the end of their Indiegogo campaign, Origibot has already achieved together something more than 3,500 dollars, 20 percent of 18,000 asking for its creators to take the project forward. If you’re interested in make your own Telepresence robot, the minimum contribution that you need to do is $599, Although you also have the option to pay only 329 dollars and get a similar robot but without mechanical arm.