Troubleshoot Printing from the Memory Card

If the printer has memory card slots, images can be output directly on the device. If something does not work, it can be on the card or the slot.The tip shows what to do.

Many printers and multifunctional devices have slots for memory cards. Here you can insert cards from digital cameras to print pictures directly at the output device. What sounds so practical will be an annoyance if the inserted card is not recognized. What you can do in this case is the tip.

Solution 1: If something does not match the memory card, the printer reports “card error” or a similar error message. Remove the card and first check whether the card is damaged externally. If this is not the case, the problem may be due to card capacity. Just many older memory card slots can not read cards with large capacities-about 64 GB.Either drag the images you want to print to a computer and send them to the printer. Or you can copy the files to a memory card with a lower capacity, place it in the memory card slot, and print the images.

Solution 2: Problems with memory cards may be due to the DPOF. The Digital Print Order format is a memory format used in digital photography to capture additional information about images related to output from the printer. Here you can see how many prints should be made from a photo or whether a date should be printed. The information is of little relevance for output to the printer, since you can make it yourself via the device menu. Rather, they are intended for photographic services and labs. There may be a DPOF error in the case of printer problems. Drag the desired images to a computer and try to print from there.

Solution 3: The most popular file format for images is jpg (also jpeg). Printers and multifunction devices are also optimized for this purpose. However, many digital cameras also dominate other formats, such as Raw. Here the pictures are stored uncompressed on the map. However, not all printers can read and print raw images. If raw images are stored on the memory card, this is often not recognized in the printer’s slot. It is best to convert the images to jpg format.

Solution 4: A problem with the memory card can simply be due to the printer’s slot.Check if he can read other cards of the same type. If this is not the case, it does not have to be broken. Sometimes he is blocked. To fix this, turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Wait one to two minutes before reconnecting the printer and turning it on.Then reinsert the card.