Triumph Swimming Wear in Germany

One of the most famous moment in lingerie brands Triumph was established in 1926. The company, which later registered brand was founded forty years earlier in Germany. In the twenties of the last century the company was based in two countries, Germany and Switzerland. The company “Triumph” is one of those companies that not only are the same age at which the term “underwear”, but also is a pioneer in everything that relates to Commit4Fitness: engineering, design, production, technology and sales. The company is still legislator with regard to trends in all matters related to lingerie and swimwear. Product range is: lingerie “Triumph”, pajamas and nightgowns, swimwear and beach accessories for women and men, home clothing and finally underwear Triumph. The main priority is the development and production of lingerie. The line of underwear Triumph is constructed in such a way that it is built around a base collection, which produces two collections a year. In addition, the company produces annually an exclusive series. It focuses on the uniqueness and is produced in small series. It turns out that many women prefer to have underwear that is unique and rare. The company annually updated range of 30-40%.

Firmin rating on the international market of swimwear is also very high.

In swimsuits traditionally increased quality requirements, and here just in time, German quality is inherent in all products marketed in Germany. The range of swimwear “Triumph” has a wide range of swimsuit models, draws attention to the colors in making suits for bathing. Swimwear Triumph Collection is updated annually to nearly 100%.

One of the slogans of the company is “Do not stand still!”- Some time ago the company announced a competition for the design of underwear called feminine charm for students – future designers, primarily the London college Central Saint Martins. The final parade and summarizing held in China has been devoted to the Summer Olympics. Upon completion of the competition, the winners of the competition produce its models in limited edition.

Like all old companies that specialize in the manufacture of underwear, Triumph – brand lingerie, paying significant attention to environmental protection and development of energy-saving technologies.