Trellises & pergolas

Trellis – privacy and space for climbing flowers at the same time

The garden has its own meaning for everyone. One uses it mostly to relax, the other dabbles as a hobby gardener. Many love this retreat and would be spared from too prying eyes. Therefore, Garden owners build trellises, which halt the neighbourly curiosity. A waist-deep fence sufficient since some, others need more privacy in their garden to feel.

Trellises or fences not only provide adequate protection, they make a good figure visually. Exists in all imaginable forms. Mostly they are prefabricated modules to have, that can be built on the own site boundary along. Other fences must be assembled, however, in many stages. The manufacturers have a large range of products, in which for every garden owner something find can. Even man-sized trellises are represented among these offers. All fences are attached to carriers, which were previously fixed and fixed into the ground. Therefore, accurate dimensions are necessary because certain clearances must be observed. To experience any negative surprises, it is useful to know, whether and to what extent trellis by the local building authority are subject to approval. To do this, the Bauamt are extensive answers certainly on telephone or written request.