Toyota Not Adopt Android Auto or CarPlay to Short Term

Strange step backwards which has given Toyota in a year 2015 where he expected landing overhand Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as information systems and multimedia entertainment on cars.

In fact, since Google and Apple announced its multimedia platforms aimed at vehicles we hadn’t seen more than confirmation of the accession of the leading manufacturers to one and another development group.

However, as reported today by the New York Times, the largest manufacturer of vehicles around the world retract the ad in March 2014 where the future adoption of Apple CarPlay announced, and where said say, now say Diego.

Your message is ambiguous, and it seems that Toyota does not want to be that cast the first stone, abandoning their multimedia systems owners, usual option in the catalogues of the leading manufacturers, but a very expensive option and also been upgrade to box again in dealers.

In addition, the Japanese manufacturer is now more explicit by including also Android Auto in the SAC, Affirming that all car manufacturers will sooner than later end using one or another platform, but at the moment not raised abandon their own multimedia systems development.

We’ll see what acidic us months, coming “cargaditos” with rumors of Apple electric car, Google autonomous cars and also the future movements of Open Automotive Alliance with Android Auto and Apple with CarPlay.