Tour de Portugal Cycling

The Galicians of the W52-Quinta da Lixa, Delio Fernández and Gustavo Veloso, by this order, made first and second in the seventh stage of the tour de Portugal, which finished at the top of the Tower, serra da Estrela.

Tour de Portugal Cycling

The final 19.7 of 171.3 kilometers of the journey begun in Condeixa-a-Nova was the attempt by the opponents to defeat the W52-Quinta da Lixa, but the Galician Portuguese teams more proved an indestructible wall.

Joni Brandão (Efapel) attacked on the first climb of Covilhã chutes to the tower. Took the wheel Vergílio Santos (Popular Radio-Boavista) and Amaro Antunes (LA Aluminium-Antarte). The Algarve had no pace and quickly fell behind. The instead waited for the arrival in front of race by Rui Sousa, who towed down there by Celio Shah.

Joni Brandão, Vergílio Santos and Rui Sousa got in front of race to the passage by the Penhas da Saúde, Virgil lost touch. The Group 12 elements Tracker followed six men of the W52-Quinta da Lixa, with persecution, throughout almost the entire climb, charge roller Raul Alarcon.

The advantage of the fugitives, who was close to the 40 seconds, missing the second phase of the climb, Rocks to the tower. On the long straight goal, Delio Fernández and Gustavo Veloso attacked and occupied the top two positions of the taken. Joni Barrios still resisted, finishing third, 4 seconds.

Gustavo Veloso remains in command in the overall standings, with teammate Delio Fernández, in second place, just 14 seconds. The third is Joni Brandão, 57 seconds. It’s a comfortable lead, as the Commander is the better time trialist who and individual exercise next Saturday to extend the differences.

On stage today, before arrival to potentially decisive area of circulation and the Back, joined, 50 kilometers, eight men in head: David Rodrigues (Popular Radio-Boavista), Filipe Cardoso (Efapel), Bruno Silva (LA Aluminium-Antarte), David Deliverance (Team Tavira), Micael Isidoro (Louletano-Ray Just Energy), Heiner Parra and Antonio Molina (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA) and Kai Reus (Veranda’s Willems). David Rodrigues, victim of hole, didn’t get to run 10 kilometers at the front, being replaced on the trail, in the bubbling up of Teixeira, by Tobias Knaup (Kuota-Lotto). The persecution, always with high speed, was moved by the W52-Quinta da Lixa, never leaving the away win over a minute.

The W52-Quinta da Lixa explains the need of wearing the pure climbers in the flat stage of taken, given that men need to suffer much lighter to accompany the rollers higher speeds. The escapees were the hardest hit with this strategy. Filipe Cardoso was the most persistent of the initiative, continuing in front of race in the company of the Belgian Christoph Prémont (Veranda’s Willems), which came out of the peloton on the descent from the top of Teixeira. The duo resisted until the entry in Covilhã, no longer having any say in the discussion of the final ascent.

The Queen of the Back not modified any sorting. Gustavo Veloso remains at the top of the individual and the General points and ratings. Bruno Silva (LA Aluminium-Antarte) secured the sweater of the climbers, and “only” get to Lisbon on Sunday. The Russian Aleksey Rybalkin (Lokosphinx) continues as best young and W52-Quinta da Lixa cemented the collective leadership.

The eighth stage of the race, the contest on Friday, transition is expected. In normal conditions would be a taken great for the fugitives. As this edition of the race has few opportunities for sprinters, teams with interest in coming to sprint should control the 180.2 kilometres that separate the White Castle guard.

7th step: Condeixa-a-Nova-Tower, 171.3 km (average: 36.447 km/h)
1st Delio Fernández (W52-Quinta da Lixa), 4:42
2 Gustavo Veloso (W52-Quinta da Lixa), mt
3 Joni Brandão (Efapel), 4s
4 Marcos García (Louletano-Ray Just Energy), the 7s
5 Alejandro Marque (Efapel), 10s
6 Rui Sousa (Popular Radio-Boavista), the 14s
7 Sérgio Sousa (LA Aluminium-Antarte), the 19s
8 Antonio Carvalho (W52-Quinta da Lixa), mt
9 Daniel Silva (Popular Radio-Boavista), 34s
10th Vergílio Santos (Popular Radio-Boavista), 48s

Individual General
1 Gustavo Veloso (W52-Quinta da Lixa), 31h36m38s
2 Delio Fernández (W52-Quinta da Lixa), the 14s
3 Joni Brandão (Efapel), 57s
4 Alejandro Marque (Efapel), 1m28s
5 António Carvalho (W52-Quinta da Lixa), 1m51s
6 Rui Sousa (Popular Radio-Boavista), 2m11s
7 Marcos García (Louletano-Ray Just Energy), at 2m20s
8 Sérgio Sousa (LA Aluminium-Antarte), 2m27s
9 Daniel Silva (Popular Radio-Boavista), mt
10th Hernâni Broco (LA Aluminium-Antarte), 3m03s