Stylishly decorated with torches

Not only on special occasions, torches can be used. They are also very much used for romantic hours in the home garden. Who buys himself torches should but increased security let. The pitches are very carefully selected. It should be noted that the fire can put other items not on fire. There are countless models. The torch with wooden handle that just be rammed into the ground is known. These have an average long burning, so this must be taken into account. Typically, this models burn up to 100 minutes, therefore a torch should remain unattended. You can find also models, which have a shorter burn time. The wooden handle of the torch is wrapped with a flammable substance, which in addition has been soaked in wax. This will prevent premature burning of the material. Common models feature a protection in the form of a stable Pappschilds at the bottom of the fabric. This prevents that the hands are injured by hot wax drops. The wax content may vary from model to model. The more wax in the fabric has been incorporated, a torch, which is quite important in torchlight marches will be harder.