Tops and Bra for Breastfeeding

I have not had much success in my search for a top or bra ideal breastfeeding.
Sorry I didn’t bring very much when I was in New York as trousseau was too lazy to try and thought; that I can buy in Brazil. And I was wrong.

Without exaggeration, I’ve tried almost all models available on the market and simply hated it all.
At least for me, didn’t work. No gives firmness and think all fall ill.

In Bruna as I had a lot of milk, had to use a top of breastfeeding and another of gymnastics well just above to control production. Was hell have to get each feeding but I had no choice.

In Manu my milk is ok. So I use the top of gymnastics on top just to sleep, because that’s when she goes on a couple of hours and produce more milk.

During the day if I need to go out, I have used a Liz’s Bra with adjustable joint, 1 number above you usually use, and as he let go of the handle, you can breastfeed. But because of the bulge I feel better and much better in the clothes falls than a top. The pad also prevents sinus absorber select in blouse (afe what stage you?!).
So my tip is; If you’re not finding a nursing bra ideal or hates you have in the market, buy a common that don’t hurt and I get the handle to release the front. Same with, you just release the handle and fold the bulge in the Middle, you can breastfeed normally.
What I like is that of Liz , Alchemy line that sustains very well!

Making it clear that I’m not illustrating. Photo taken from the website of Liz!

Liz has a line with some 4-5 models for breastfeeding, but none have bulge. So I don’t particularly think. The brands believe that the bulge stifles a bit for those breast-feed and prefer to use fabrics that breathe more and avoid proliferation of fungi by sweat, as the milk.

I don’t care much for it because I think it is imperative to use tampons for breast who breastfeed, and your constant exchange is keeping the hygiene of the place to be always dry.

But to stay at home (almost 100% of the time!) I’d rather something more comfortable. Discovered in the Decathlon these tops below gym are great. Are also not to breastfeed, but as the straps loosen the front can use as if they were.

In addition to not have stitching, which is great because it doesn’t bother you and it doesn’t hurt when the breast is full, has various models of back and cups and 3 settings, so you can find one to stay uptight.
And nothing beige not to scare away the husbands! Black and white you can’t miss!

Tip from mom that seeks alternatives to not feel so awful at that stage.

Good, nice and cheap!

And you have tested some model they like?