Top cases

Great instructions extend the storage space of your car

Instructions are basic items which should complete mainly the car equipment and can be directly mounted on the vehicles. Top cases which solely from rigid and solid materials are manufactured, car fans to record numerous required pieces of luggage. You can accommodate stable fixed on the car and similar to the existing hard shell suitcases in their copies. You are in the car equipment so to speak under the article name car suitcase or car bags sold.

Most motorists choose the comparison between car bags and top case for the latter variant, because the cases are characterized by very specific advantages. A large-scale space results in the instructions relating to the car accessories. In addition, they are attached with stable and construction well thought-out mounts in the form of a baggage system and can be easily removed from and re-attached. Usually they differ by varying capacity and can be mounted at the same time as so-called side cases. Within innovative series offer maximum safety the top cases, are extremely robust and weatherproof.

-Quality instructions now unbeatable cheap

The top box is an important accessory for any car fan. It is set back to the car and used for items that you need it. At the same time they give the car some extra style and influence over its look, so they want to – be carefully and selected due to the vehicle because they are not only practical, but also stylistic valuable for the big picture.

Include instructions to the basic equipment for the car, you simply must have if you want to be on the road with fun. Everything you want to take is in the Topcase – backpacks, bags and other bits and pieces are there ideal. When selecting a Topcase you should make sure first that everything fits into what you have normally on the road with him. In addition it must visually fit to drive and should complement his style, so that the optical impression remains consistent and has long enjoyment of the acquisition.