Top 8: Watches For Spring 2017

There are a lot of accessories that can give your look a lot of elegance. I have talked about almost every trend; Pendants, bracelets, necklaces and even jewelry for hair.

Top 8: Watches For Spring 2017

Among these elements, the watches also occupy an important place, that is why today rrrjewelry will talk about the watches that are relevant for this season of Spring 2017.

Several centuries ago, the clocks showed the high status of its owner. Some current models are expensive and are considered true works of art. But in reality, are there watches that are fashionable? Many people will say no, but these accessories are significant and can tell a lot about their owners.

1. Minimalism:

One thing we should note about the new season, is that the watches for spring of 2017 have a minimalist style. This style has no decoration or additional buttons, only a clean face with arrows. The maximum shown is the manufacturer’s logo. This watch is suitable for both students and executives. Its exterior simplicity hides a certain elegance.

2. Classic Style:

The most popular version for women has always had classic simplicity and nothing else. These watches are always worn by young girls and mature women. Many brands annually present collections that may surprise the most capricious critics.Usually, the straps of these watches have minimalist style, without artistic decorations. Its dials have a regular geometric shape; Ovals, circles and squares.

3. Pink gold:

Pink gold is one of the most popular materials for spring of 2017. When you wear jewelry with pink gold, you should pay attention to additional accessories.

You also do not need to buy watches made entirely of gold. The watch will look good with just a little pink gold.

4. Futuristic style:

2017 surprises us with the new extraordinary ideas of design. Therefore, futuristic style watches have just come to fashion. Its main features are rare and large shapes.

5. Greatness:

The big models have also been taken this spring, as they are very interesting and attractive. Big models are perfect for men, but they will also be suitable for the modern active woman. The strong shapes of these watches have a special uniqueness. For this style, the straps should always be wide to accentuate their elegance.

6. Smart watches:

This trend has moved into the new season of 2017. Previously, the models were strong and suitable for men, but modern designers understand that most sales depend on women, that’s why they developed unique accessories for women . The most popular model is the Apple watch, but you can find other options that fit your budget.

7. Watch+Bracelet:

Bracelet watches are still very popular, so some bloggers want to get them out of fashion. Watches with woven, metallic or leather straps will be very relevant this spring of 2017.

8. Color Palette:

Juvenile watches are generally characterized by their brightness and colorful prints.The most popular colors are orange, yellow, blue, green and pink. And if you want a softer style, you can use colors, such as: caramel, beige, brown and gold.