Top 5 Toys {Concentration and Creativity}

As promised by instagram, today I will make a list of the TOP 5 Toys for age group da Bruna you just did 6 years ago. Almost all the Manu (who made 4:00 pm Jul) also enjoy, but not as much as the Bru. I think this transition of 4 to 5 years a very big change. Is when children begin to have a much better understanding of everything and are able to perform activities with more focus.

So among the many options, today the selection are for the creative toys and that require attention.

You know I’m zero among consumerist “toys”, and in my opinion still the best and more benefits of all are the “Puzzle”. Are extremely positive for the children because it stimulate concentration in a way that will be useful for life. Bruna loves, but Manu does not, so it is necessary to stimulate your concentration in other ways. Even so I’m still on the line not to stimulate the consumption of expensive toys, electronics or using stack. Not only the cost, but also because I believe that there are several ways to amuse and entertain a child without spending a lot.

As always enjoyed manual activities and have a facility to create and invent with a piece of paper, in the House the girls got used to it and today I can assure you that their preference is for everything that they can use their imagination as scraps, clay, paint, pencil and paper.

Of course, as any child they like Barbie, Polly, Shopkins, dolls and all this universe. But all these toys are up against after a short time of use. So either they earn, it’s pretty hard to be my choice if I have to give this a birthday, Christmas, etc.

After the feast of the Bru some days ago, I came across many present and among them, many toys.

I decided that I’d trade for other toys that somehow were interesting for the concentration and motor skills and to stimulate creativity. Toys they can play several times without sick, that make it possible to always something new.

I spent some time in stores, I chose and I managed to make a list of the TOP 5 Toys I consider nice for this phase of the Bruna!

Some children who are not so easy for creative activities, may not be interested as much at first sight, or quit early in the play. At times the little help from parents makes all the difference. Try to play together, stimulate, and with that the child will also be interested.

Noting that none of these toys recommend for small children up to 2-3 years, because they are full of girls and parts are easy to swallow. Therefore; an eye!… If they have siblings around.


I met very recently and I was in love! Are little pieces of a malleable material, which looks like a styrofoam, and which in contact with water, stick to each other.

Comes with a piece of fabric that you just let wet and will putting parts for have grip. For younger children, have versions that come with cartelinhas where the child sticks to the color equivalent. And for the most creative, the single pieces to do what the imagination. By Amazon researched the price and it’s pretty cheap out there. This way varies between R $20 (small box) the R $120 (bigger box). I met through the instagram @cucatoys and went to this store to buy. It also has the urges of the brand @playmaisbr which may indicate what are the stores that sell by Brazil.

These are some examples of what you can do:


Are colored balls that you apply in a bracket with holes to form images. After you water, the balls stick to each other, and you see what you want. It is possible to follow images ready or create as you prefer.

The balls can only be used once, so over time it is necessary to buy a refill of these parts. There are kits that range from R $50 R $250 real. The most expensive come with the whole support structure for the balls and helping the child images to work best your drawing. Has different characters and themes in the kits.

A toy that causes the child to concentrate for a long time!

Most Kits Aquabeads are female-themed. So the boys are interested more, the male version comes with the name of Qixelse works the same way, the difference is boxy and non-round parts.

3) Disney Pixels

This is more a toy that follows the line of the already mentioned in the case form images with pininhos of foam that you use and reuse as many times as you want, without having to buy refill. Have the option of following the design that comes in the Kit or invent how you prefer. Are several themes among them Princes and Mickey’s class.

One of the drawbacks is that the parts come in plastic structure that is not of the most practical and resistant. So the ideal is to have some little boxes in order to keep the pieces.

Among the chosen ones of today is the best value, is between R and source: $60. I think it’s a great option!

4) Bunchems

I warn you that I know well about the risks of this toy to curl up in your hair and never leave. Several readers wrote to me when I posted on snap on it! So I think even I indicating here and finding the best, worth the alert for mothers warn their children not to play to put in your hair. Nothing invent or crowns tiaras and the head because it will Yes screw and hardly come out. Much higher risk for girls with long hair than short-haired boys.

If your son is one, ready, and a recommendation like that can leave even more tempted to play in her hair, stay away from this option of fun!

Leaving aside this risk, I think triggered the Bunchems one of the coolest and creative toys that I met this year.

Are plastic balls that stick to each other, just press a little bit. With this it is possible to form 3D images that are super funny and fun. Just a little imagination.

Home play each have your time, build something and the others have to guess. Not the kids believe how nice thing you can do.

Bruna won this kit below that comes with a little ball of each color, and 2 eyes that allows the creation of dolls and animals. The lid of the suitcase stand, and it’s like a velcro so you can use as a basis for the polka dots and build what you want. This costs on average R $150 and is an intermediary between the simple and complete kits.

How is imported, it is also an inexpensive option to buy outside of Brazil, in addition to the many options and varieties which we don’t have here.

5) Clay and their accessories

Without doubt the DOH follows for a long time as one of the toys that more use at home.

If you ask me there are 2 years ago what I thought of these Kits Playdoh with a lot of accessories I would answer; “The child plays once and then not look”. Today I can say how these kits are useful and entertain the girls for a long time. The advantage is to transform the play dough in a joke and give wings to your imagination.

We have here the cupcakes, candy, a diner… and all they love, ask to see the tutorials on Youtube, make up a shop, a restaurant.

I am a in love with clay and I hope they continue enjoying and enjoying more and more features that allow attachments.

And you already knew these options, what else would include on that list? Connect us Behealthybytomorrow.