TOP 10: Fall-Winter Watches 2016-2017

There are a lot of accessories that can give your look a kind of solidity and elegance. I have already told you about almost all the options: pendants, necklaces and even hair jewelry and today I will tell you about the watches that will be relevant for the year 2017.

TOP 10: Fall-Winter Watches 2016-2017

Each new season there are alternate options for women’s watches, including different styles and designs. Many girls choose their options at the beginning of each new year, so they also choose watches that fit perfectly with their business looks and, of course, for the night and the weekends.

  1. Subtlety and universal grace:

This type of accessory will give your look a necessary charm and will become a finishing touch.

From the beginning the watches were invented as a feminine accessory, according to jibin123.

They were small and elegant models, but now they have become a closet ornament, more than a device to know the time.

This trend remains popular to this day and moreover, these watches are perfect for any style.

The colors of these models should be discreet. If you give a little attention to these types of watches, you will notice that they have a correct shape and the strap has an average length.

  1. Costly and beautiful:

The watches that will be most fashionable in 2017, will be the wristwatches with precious stones inserted in the dial, the edges or the belt.But certainly, not everyone can buy such luxury to be in the “fashion”.So many stylists recommend using this style with some imitation diamonds.

However, it is worth remembering that the excess gloss, is tasteless.

The most popular models have small imitation stones in numbers.

  1. The eternal classics:

Recently style has priority over fashion. For this reason, many women prefer to buy expensive watches, which are not made for a short period, but for long years.

The most popular version of women’s watches has always been a classic and nothing more. Such models are preferred by both young girls and mature ladies. A large number of fashion houses present yearly elegant collections of author that may surprise even the most capricious critics. The straps of this type of watches are usually made in minimalist style, without artistic adornments and materials. Its dials have a regular geometric shape: oval, circles and squares.

  1. Minimalist elegance:

One of the first things to keep in mind about the new season is that the fall-winter watches 2016-2017 abound with a minimalist style .They do not have much decoration and it’s just a clean face with arrows, they even do not have extra buttons.The most visible is the manufacturer’s logo.This watch is suitable for students and business people.Its simplicity hides a certain elegance.

  1. Romantic femininity:

The perfect watches in soft romantic style in 2017 will usually have a fine strap made in bracelet style, or otherwise a strap in the shape of a handkerchief.

These watches will immediately accentuate your femininity and individuality, attracting attention among people. But do not forget that this ornament is suitable for young girls, although sometimes can be used in boho styles.

  1. Smart watches:

One of the previous trends, will move again in the 2017 season and is the “smart” clock. At that time, the models were raw and fit only for men. Modern designers understand that most of the sales depend on the whims of women, therefore, they developed unique watches for women. Of course, the most popular model is the Apple watch, but you can find more options that fit our budget.

  1. Greatness in all types of jewelry:

The large models will also be in fashion during 2017. The wide straps embrace the feminine dolls making their elegance stand out. The large dials have some elusive charm, so they will not go out of style in the new season.

  1. Medallions:

For lovers of unusual jewelry I can offer a reference to the past, and it is something called medallion.

In ancient times the medallion could be worn on belts, clothing, rings or simply could remain in the pocket, making it an accessory for women and men .But even now there are a lot of designers who recreate the medallion and many young people are testing this style.

The medallions are usually round or oval, and even rectangular in shape .

At the moment, these watches are very graceful and modern, so they resemble a refined suspension.

Basically today the medallions are compared to the Victorian era, and therefore Victorian style .But not all fashionistas can buy such luxury and take that risk, so usually this type of jewelry is worn with classic, business or hipster styles.The clothing you can wear with the medallions are tubed skirts, Victorian-style blouses and classic jackets.

  1. Steampunk Style:

The steampunk style in watches is a peculiar expression of ancient futurism.

And, although it is a bit strange, this style will be one of the main trends in jewelry , so it will not be a surprise that girls and boys wear this style.

Steampunk jewelry is distinguished by the presence of springs, gears, nuts, bolts, etc. Usually these type of watches have an open imitation line.

  1. Men’s Watches:

I can not really talk about watches without touching the subject of men’s accessories.

It’s easy enough to recognize a successful man, just by taking a look at his shoes and watch.

If shoes are expensive and clean, high prices of watches is not enough. The exclusivity, timeliness and popularity of the brand is very important, so it is not surprising that the watch is the hallmark of a successful man. Swiss watches are still the most prestigious ; Hublot, Harry Winston and Urverk present a great variety of watches, which have become very popular among the connoisseurs of quality and style.

You should always remember that the mechanism of the watch is the heart of your accessory.

The Japanese and Swiss brands are considered leaders in the manufacture of watches.These models will serve you for a long time.