Tools and The Evolution of Human Intelligence

If this article had to be in the form of a single word, it would surely be “evolution”. But unlike the evolution of  the human species that has lasted millions of years, evolution of technology-the fruit of human genius intellect, underwent a radical change in the last 10-15 years. If we think-the whole humanity has existed for thousands of years, and even according to some theories of millions. But if we neglect other theoretical guesswork technologies that today possess are the result of the development of our intellect only in the last 50 years. And why in our thousands of years of human existence no one has thought to invent the desktop and we have waited until now. Well another question, another long topic.

 If we focus on the recent past we will understand that our technological development marks a very large and increasingly intense progress with each successive petiletie. Seen from a historical perspective, not very long ago invented the first computer-in 1937. Later in 1968 appears the idea and the concept of personal tablet. In 1992 we witnessed the first smartphone marketed by IBM. And in 2008 launched by HTC was the first full touch screen smartphone operating system Android. Today in 2014 we have already several times more powerful mobile devices that have huge 4K resolution accommodated in 5 inch displays and having 16 million colors, with 8 core processors with massive computing power and memory RAM as a desktop computer. From this point of view, if there is no where to be developed the technology.

Well, probably so they thought and children of the 90 who wrote in schools with chalk on blackboard and a pen, and sometimes with pencil light-yellowish paper notebook. And with Weighing slightly less than half a kilo in his pocket GSM, they also probably believed that technology at that time had reached the peak of its development.

But today we are convinced that you can always more. Because thanks to a huge platform of current technology that man has in his hands, we have resources quickly and get even further in its development. Examples are the last 10 years of smooth white board and a black marker replaced black and so chalk and tablet with Android replace piles tedradki. The tablet, which is the thinnest on the market today-Revopad the S-N7 the Mini has a thickness of only 6.8 mm profile, which is relatively as the thickness of an ordinary school notebook. And if in school today are taught an average of 13 regular items and each item we need at least a notebook… It everyone will immediately ask the question-why tablet with Android not been invented earlier, after memory his writings can gather in hundreds of notebooks! And yet-better late than never, right? But if the weight of piles of notebooks and confusion that they would create in a satchel problem, then how much greater would be the problem that concerns the felling of hundreds of trees that are needed to make them?

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How many books will be needed for an entire school year per student? To be clearer, we will say so-a single tablet would save a significant part of our nature, especially because it could be used not just one, but several school years without being changed. And nowadays, when more and more students are choosing tablet in front of the paper are on the right track. When the human intellect reach reasonable solutions and offer them, then anyone who is reasonable to accept them. Today in 2014 should each be longer away from the notion that you should not buy tablets and smartphones of their children to protect them from distractions. If we look at real life we will realize that the benefits of an Android device is a lot more than the disadvantages. Not least because of this that any smart mobile device today we have Google , which would be of great assistance to each student.

Figuratively speaking, if you imagine the evolution of human intelligence in the form of graphics, the figure for the past 10 years technological development be pointing straight up. We develop technologies with huge progressive speed as never before. With every year, even every month we are witnessing yet another innovation in technologies commonly used in daily life. In the days that unlock your phone simply by fingerprint and doors by a sensor that reads the retina of our eye, fly holograms around us in the club and explore planets millions of miles from us, we have no right to live in past centuries and use things who have long been replaced by other, more technologically advanced and at times more harmful to the ecology of our planet. So tablet, and technological “solution” has already turned into something every student needs. It is convenience, which we first make the most mass and accessible to everyone, thanks to affordable prices, which is already available on the market. We can not help but mention that we at Revo-brand which currently holds the lowest prices on tablets and smartphones in Bulgaria, first offered on the Bulgarian market first 8 core Android devices. And our proposals for school tablets before the school year has never been more affordable – dual-core tablet at a price of 86 lev or more powerful 4-core, 8-inch RevoPad 8P for 229 lev. Thanks to brands like ours today we available to enjoy the latest technology and Sensory this to step and the next step in technological evolution.