Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders – for practical fixing the toilet paper roll

Where the toilet paper? Toilet paper holder are one of the most important things that a household has to offer. There is the toilet paper holders in many shapes and colors, made of many materials and in innumerable copies, but they all have something in common, they hang or stand next to the toilet. The normal toilet paper holder contains a roll of toilet paper and let this leaf by leaf to use. Other holders have equal space for one or two roles in stock, if the predecessor has taken the last leaf.

In addition to the purely mechanical brackets, there are also state of the art toilet paper holders that moisten the paper before using or perfume. Electrical issues of toilet paper are possible as well as with lighting and music. The toilet paper holder is the entertainment product. For each wall tile and toilet model, there are the appropriate holder. Various mounting options give you the ability for your toilet to find the suitable toilet paper holder. Either install it horizontally or depending on the bathroom vertically on the wall. You can buy the models in various materials. The simple plastic holder on noble metal versions up to the hand-carved wooden bracket – for each toilet friend is available.