Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed

Practical travel beds for your child in the best quality

Healthy, restful sleep is extremely important especially for babies and toddlers. Therefore parents are often unsure, they should decide for which travel cot. But there are a few criteria that should meet travel cots for children in any case. A must can quickly build up and break down quickly. To it should require as little space in the car, be not too heavy but still enough comfort to ensure the sleep of the child. However, many models do not meet this criterion, just. Because just the building of many baby travel beds is very complicated and is therefore also very time consuming.

Continue to the fabric-covered parts of the cot should be eco-friendly, non-allergenic, fireproof, dirt repellent and breathable. If guards are available, sure that these are close-meshed and flexible. Thus, you can minimize the stuck fingers, head or foot and restrict also the risk of injury to your baby. As soon as the children grow, the time of motion investigation begins.

Then very much fun jumping and romping in the baby’s travel cot. Therefore, it is also important that the cot is tilt-safe. Furthermore, it is make sure whether the model which it has chosen, features a built-in mattress. If not, namely additionally purchase a mattress is due. Eventually you can do no wrong at the time of purchase, if you notice that the bed has a GS or TÜV Seal. So is also guaranteed that the baby sleeps safely and quietly.

For a longer trip your child of course needed a bed to sleep. Also for this, we have the matching items in our range. With this travel cot, it is possible for you, your child a comfortable bed for traveling to offer. It is quickly and, because it has a simple folding mechanism.

Durable safety nets are located on the sides. They ensure perfect air circulation. So, your child will never suffer lack of oxygen. Many travel COTS have a second floor, you can just hang up in the construction. This way your child can sleep some height offset.

A travel cot can be climbed via the page. To do this, you need to open only the zipper. Because roles are placed on the undersides, you can slide easily and effortlessly it through space. To prevent boredom in the child, it is advisable to provide the bed with toys.

So, your offspring is always busy. The edges and corners of the bed are all padded to ensure the safety of your child. Especially for small children, many models have a changing mat. We have a good selection of travel beds for your child. With the help of our children’s beds, it has always comfortably your protege and is safely housed.