Tips to Take Care of Jackets and Coats

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How’s it going?

Winter came coming in some cities.

In today’s post, I thought I’d give some good tips for you facinhas take care of your jackets, coats and those winter clothes that pass all year hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe!

Let’s learn?

1st) Don’t save your coats and leather jackets in plastics

Parts made of leather (both original and fake) cannot be saved with plastic on top! =/

I know that we always thought the right was so, but this method dries out leather.

2nd) Take the piece to take a “ar”

At least once a month (depending on the humidity of the air), remove the most “pesadonas” of the closet and let it “breathe” fresh air!

It’s just hanging on the Clothesline to get a Tan! Get mites, dust, musty smell among other bad things …

3rd) dry Wash

Always use a clean, soft and moist with water to clean the leather, and of course, let it dry in the wind according to!

4th) Moisturize the leather

Crazy to think that we have to moisturize the leather, as we do as our skin right? hahaahah

But that’s the tip!

You clean the piece with a cloth wet with water, wait to dry, and then just spread small amounts of moisturizer or Vaseline in a cotton, and carefully slide the play! O: I’ve done and gives super right! The piece is beautiful, gives an “up” in color, it makes you look new! =)

5th) never iron hot or fold the piece

Bent scored. =/

Avoid folding your pieces in leather, is a ugly, and often irreversible.

Another tip that seems silly but there are people who don’t know: don’t spend your hot iron leather piece. Try to turn it upside down, cover with a thin fabric, and thus pass it on!

And then girls, liked the tips? I hope so!

Kisses and see you soon!

* Source: Google images