Tips on Wearing Leggings and Still Value the Body

Legging pants suits and any visual composition. However it is a piece of women’s clothing that if not used properly, can cause a visual disaster. The play ultra glued in the body leaves evidence and curves need some care to be used the right way.

The legging pants need to be used outside carefully, so. No transparencies, it should be noted if she does not become transparent in the body. For that, you need to have attention, since the fabric might not seem like much, but, when dressed, the elasticity can leave everything on display. More leggings pants wore out, after a long time of use, also tend to be transparent.

Other care must always be taken at the time of the use of legging pants is about the panties. Legging pants brand much butt, is inevitable. Not to devalue it, choose always wear panties seamless and you don’t tighten the glutes. Look for still wearing panties in skin tone, you don’t stand next to apparent fabric of leggings. Also avoid the most wear leggings during the menstrual period, once the trend of them is always check the body, it doesn’t look good to have a pair of showing “more volume”. Or opt for the use of tampons, if you do not give up using the pants.

Pants leggings enhance the volume and size of the body. If you are out of shape, avoid using them, especially with very small or tight-fitting blouses. If there is fat in the parts of the back and the belly, end up devaluing the female body, causing the impression that the size is bigger than it really is.

If there are problems with cellulite, to skinny or plump, avoid pants leggings that are made in very fine fabrics, because they will show even more the body defeitinhos. Another common mistake is to bet on pants that have many prints, the design draws more attention and further evidence not stocks of cellulite.

Nor is it enough that the concern is only with the numbering of the legging pants, but also with the length of the leg. That’s because it may harm or help the silhouette. Follows, so the Tip from the shorter pants that end before the heel, flatten and get fat. Already the long help lengthen and slim down. Therefore, choose the ideal for your body type.