Tips on Purses That Match Your Jeans

Ah, the bags… what woman does not like to buy or win a purse? The piece is one of the most loved accessories for us and we are always changing the model, not only because we tired of the old one, but we want to match it with our look.

“Always remember the rule: a good accessory always changes clothes, for evil or for good,” says Professor Vanderly Loureiro, professor of Technology in Fashion Design at Anhanguera University in São Paulo.

With that in mind, one can reaffirm the importance of the bags in the looks.Nowadays they have an extra function beyond that of carrying their belongings, they are a fashion accessory that directly influences the final result of their style.

Therefore, it is valid to know the characteristics of each type of feminine bag and to use them according to their need and preference, taking this object as best as possible in the style.

Here are the tips for using each women’s handbag model, according to the directions of fashion design teacher Vanderly Loureiro and fashion consultant Daniela Christine of GetNinjas.

Satchel Pouch/Executive Briefcase

According to the teacher, the satchel bag was and is still used by students and usually has shoulder straps to carry on the shoulder or carry on the hand. Satchel bags are usually leather, in dark colors (brown, black, lead), medium or large sizes and have few or discrete details.

Ideal to be used in a classic formal production, ie more discreet social clothing (pants, shirts, knee length skirts, blazers), sober colors, firm fabrics and tailoring.Prints of the pied-de-poule type, fishbone or chalk line are accepted. The darkest and most sober jeans are the most recommended.

Suggested use: At work in formal and conservative companies, meetings or visits to clients, business lunches and solemn events.

Structured Bag

This type of bag is super “on the rise” in fashion. It is structured, that is, it has a firmer (hard) material. Larger bags are usually more versatile to use and can handle your job or ride well. Indicated for the work, the structured ones impose greater seriousness, mainly if used with social clothes. The handles were made to be anatomical and must be worn to the size appropriate to the height and hand of the wearer. Too big handles denote slouch, even in the world’s most elegant handbag.

More stripped-down or retro models, with stronger colors like pink, orange, yellow in all sizes, hand or with pierced straps, combine with jeans and blazer, skirts (long or short) and even retro style pieces. Round toe shoes and shoes are welcome.

Suggested use: Day-to-day work (companies with informal dress code), in lunches and less formal events (can be used even in bars and happy hours in general).

Hobo/Half Moon Bag

The hobo bag translates the middle ground between structure and flexibility, thus serving perfectly for both functions.

Indicated for when you need to carry many things inside (your calendar or book, sweater, umbrellas, that packed supply of makes, etc). Care should be taken for the material from which it is made and if the underside is not too rigid. The material can make the hobo look sportier (falling well with stripped looks like dresses, skirts and shorts) and its bellows when firm and broad tends to fatten the silhouette at the hip.

Combines with casual clothes, jeans shorts, bibs, etc. For a more boho look (that means individual and natural), use those that are made of jeans or soft, smooth or printed materials and fringed models, all with earthy colors.

The more malleable leather models are worn with chemises or jeans, blazer and t-shirt for makeup in a less formal work environment. Comfortable feet, scarpins or sandals with medium heels.

Suggested use: Informal walks, shows, shopping malls, movies, etc.

Tote/Shopper Bag

In doubt of what to use to go shopping or sightseeing; Use a shopping bag! Great, comfortable and great for putting everything you need and for relaxed and sporty looks. There are also the ones to use on the beach, which are made of plastic and ecobags in fabric for shopping in the market.

Combines with jeans and cardigans, pants with light fabrics and vests of vests, everything will depend on the material of the bag. Some are made of leather and give a more sophisticated air even in the simplest productions of jeans and shirt only. On the feet, you can wear slippers, skirts or sneakers.

Suggested use: Informal events in general, in less formal work environment, shopping, supermarket and even on the beach.


This is a classic of the 60’s, including much seen in models of the brand Louis Vuitton. It is the type of bag that matches all styles and physical types. Can be used by hand strap or shoulder strap.

It combines both classic and basic pieces used on a daily basis, more romantic pieces (shirts and thin cardigans), but also look great with jeans with a folded bar, scarpin and a mesh.

Suggested use: Events and less formal work environment, shopping, cinema, theater, etc.


Comfortable for when you are on a tour and want to stay with your hands free. It is also perfect for carrying many things. It does not give discomfort, as it divides the weight between the shoulders (since used correctly).

Combines with all types of jeans, as it also has that more informal air. On the feet, an All Star sneaker is a good request. A model that is on the rise are those of ethnic stamp.

Suggested Use: Highly used, to go to college / course / club, on outdoor tours and quick weekend trips.

Mailbag/Messenger Bag

The messenger bag was born to support weight and usually has a compartment for most used belongings, since it is a large bag and can be used transversely. The fashion consultant Daniela advises that people of short stature use it in the transversal, preferably.

Using creativity it is possible to combine from flare jeans and romantic style dresses, to shorts and shirts. Fit scarpin, moccasin, low boots or Oxford (all will depend on the material of the bag).

Suggested use: The model fits well for more bare and informal events, such as a trip to the mall.

Medium Or Small Cross Purse

They are usually small pockets, have a thin handle and are very practical when you want to carry only the basics and stay hands free.

As there are many types, from casual to the most sophisticated, there are many ways to use. One of the most seen models is the famous “ballad bag,” used in more informal parties and may have glitter, beads or be made of varnished material.They are combined with jeans with applications, lace and glitter. The combined shoes are usually Scarpins and Peep Toe.

Suggested use: Ballads and parties in general. Sometimes it is used also in weddings, graduations and solemn celebrations. But the handles are usually thin and metal, with stones or finer materials.


The wallet can have a strap, is larger than the party clutches, is thin and pliable and can be worn both day and night. They serve to place documents in addition to our basic beauty kit, and for this reason, they are used to work and they are very efficient even when we have to carry it as a binder and with other papers.

The wallets combine with ballad looks, more tidy. Bet on a dark or shining jeans.In the feet, pumps half paw, heels of sandals and anabelas.

Suggestion of use: It is recommended to use in situations where you do not need and do not want to load many items, because it only contains a few objects, such as a cell phone, keys, documents, a small agenda and money/cards.

Now that you know how to use each model, invest in the ones you like best and that really meet your needs and please your personal taste.

It may not look like it, but a purse can make your jeans look much more stylish!

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