Tips on How to Keep Swimsuits and Bikinis Always Perfect

Saved most of the year, in the summer bikinis,  swimsuits and swimwear leave the closets to succeed on beaches and pools. On holidays then, the use is practically daily! If on the one hand the constant baths are refreshing, on the other they end up harming the appearance of the bathing suits. So with the in and out of the water and exposure to the sun, bikinis and swimsuits need care to last longer and not lose vitality. Sunscreen and chlorine are the biggest enemies of elastane, the main component of these parts. As these products are permanently in contact with the swimwear, rule number one so that the pieces do not lose the shape and maintain the modeling, it is to wash them as soon as possible.

The main care you should take to increase the durability of bathing suits and keep them beautiful throughout the summer from washing to storage.

How to wash

Separate by color to prevent stains.

Remove the sand thoroughly with running water and a soft brush.

Wash by hand, use cold water and mild soap or soap for delicate clothing, gently scrub and rinse with cold water.

Check the labels of the products, remembering that soaps are not always neutral, not even the products based on coconut.

Do not twist the pieces, just squeeze gently, and extend in the shade.

Never use bleach to avoid yellowing the fabric.

Do not iron, because the wrong temperature can damage the fabric.

In case of stains

Apply detergent and water to the area in case of oil or sunscreen.

Another option is to make a solution with 1 liter of cold water and a tablespoon of baking soda, leaving it to soak for 10 minutes. Then rub lightly and rinse.

White Bikinis

To prevent yellowing, wash with mild detergent and water as soon as you get home.

Soak for 20 minutes with hydrogen peroxide (in the ratio of 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide 30 volumes to 2 liters of water).

To save

Let the pieces dry completely to prevent them from mocking.

Never pass.

Store in TNT bags because they prevent the appearance of fungi and hinder the accumulation of moisture.

Dispense plastic bags due to lack of ventilation.

Avoid rolling or enveloping.

Extra Caregivers

Do not sit with the bikini on rough ground, in the sand or on stones. The abrasiveness can wear the fabric, creating the horrible balls.

High temperatures accelerate elastane wear. Do not dry the parts under the sun or leave them for long in hot environments such as the trunk of the car.

That’s a lot easier, is not it? Enjoy the tips and enjoy the summer!!

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