Tips of Looks with Feminine Social Shirt to Wear in the Winter

Everyone gets more elegant in the winter, that’s fact.The feminine social shirt, key piece and mandatory item in the wardrobe, is the type of clothing that allows several looks for various types of occasion, especially during lower temperatures.The pleasant climate allows a more elaborate look: the social shirt is wild when composing various types of style.

For decades the female social shirt was exclusively associated with the professional environment, for the simple fact that the item gives an aligned and sober appearance.However, creativity, fashion trends and the need to renovate and recycle pieces took the piece from the post of “work clothes”.

Using some tricks and combinations, the piece falls like a glove and gives an impeccable trim, no matter the style of the wearer.

4 winter productions with women’s social shirts

The good old jeans

The modeling, cutting and washing of jeans varies widely. It does not matter if you wear blue or faded jeans, the women’s social shirt looks good with all types. Pull up with a colorful leather jacket to break the seriousness of the look. If the social shirt has details on the cuffs, embroidery or stripes, give preference to a whole black and basic jacket.
Long Skirt

The dupline must have this winter is a long skirt + a white social shirt, which goes well with all tones and textures and allows accessories such as scarves, long necklaces and scarves.

Attention at the time of blending prints: the intention is to create a modern look.Choose at least two items to break the seriousness of the visual, in order to avoid excesses that compromise the whole of the work.

Tip: a chamois jacket or a perfect jacket will look great with this type of production!

Pants and blazer

The classic look of the classics always takes place in the coldest season of the year.A well-balanced feminine social shirt with an impeccable cut blazer and the right shoe is an infallible formula.What will give the finishing touch in this type of look are the jewels, jewelry, handbags and other accessories.

Remember that in order for this production to work, it is essential that the pieces be trimmed sequentially, respecting the curves.On the website of Aleatory, a São Paulo brand that has been present in Brazilian fashion since 1988, you will find social shirts with an ideal cut that value the shapes and do not lose color or fabric quality over time.

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