Tips for Winter Travel

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If they say in winter everyone gets more elegant, the other side of the coin is that both during the cold months will certainly have more baggage to carry. I say this because the shorts and blouse our each day are replaced by second skin t-shirt, jacket, glove, hat, jacket and many other items that will keep you warm. Today’s post is to talk about it: how to proceed to travel during the winter without freezing. The tips are worth so much for those who already live in cold place as to who is familiar with the thirty-something degrees, and you’re going to catch a breeze.

Go to tips? Pull the bag and already get there:

  • Dress in layers

Not only the cold winter. At least, not in the places that have heating. If you are going to the northern hemisphere or somewhere Buenos Aires style take along some lighter clothing, since normally the hotel and other establishments are heated. The tip is to dress in layers, in the style “onion”. The same goes for who’s going to southern Brazil, where it is supposed to be cold at the beginning and at the end of the day, but that, when approaching half of the day, the temperature can climb. This happens also during the fall and spring part.

  • Where is the glove?

This is an item of gold when the cold knocks. With several models to suit all tastes, the gloves are not mere fashion accessory, they are need in days. And nothing to give the excuse that you won’t be able to use the phone because of the gloves: it has finger model, which gives freedom to the fingers moving and still leaves your hand warm.

Happened to me:I’m the type who forgets to take the gloves off for places. I even sympathized with them until some time ago, didn’t think so or I lay with the hands “prey”. A beautiful winter day in January 2013 European, while exchanges in Italy, went for a walk on the mountain to see the snow and, once there, I realized I had left my gloves at home. I decided to venture out with the snowballs anyway. Result: it was so cold my hands came the fire. Had to get on the bus from time to time to warm me up. After that, I always have during the winter, a pair of gloves in her purse. I have already spoken on the subject over at instagram blog.

  • Extra clothes in hand luggage

This tip I learned from my parents, but I adapted to my adventures in the cold. If you’re going to travel by plane, it is common for someone to advise to take a change of clothes in a carry-on, right? So, I repeat that in case you are going to a cold place. Reason:If you are wearing little clothing, just get a piece in hand luggage. Also worth having a kept around to cover. It is very useful for those who travel at night.

  • Wanted hood

I love Hoodie, then this item is not problematic for me. If you don’t like it, I’ll try to convince you to choose models that have included. Imagine that the outside temperature mark something close to five degrees and have that wind shear. In Brazil it is not very common, but you can opt for an ear protector. The CAP is also a good thing. However, if you are wearing a coat with hood, just put it on and feeling cold will diminish. Otherwise … Well, you’re going to catch a breeze of good! The hood is also useful if you take a shower, something that happens often during the winter. If the jacket is waterproof, even better. Also worth having in an outdoor umbrella via  Think about it when you’re packing.

  • Neck warm

Here is the complement of the previous tip. Imagine the same cold wind and nothing protecting your neck. Nothing good. This is easy to solve, since there are so many choices to put on your neck, you just choose what suits you best. Has scarf, scarf, scarf, collar … And this is not “a girl thing”, as they like to say around here. By chance man aren’t you cold? And it gets even charming. Also, do not forget to keep your feet warm. Wool socks are gold!

  • Left making snowman

Who never dreamed of doing snowman? If you are preparing for a walk in the snow, take care with the sole of his shoe (and with the glove!). I mean, first of all, get tested to see if the shoe has no hole. And no, it’s not a joke. You may be thinking that your boot is great, even stepping in the snow and feel the water coming in. No one deserves, right?! Walking on a sidewalk with the snow in Poland, I discovered that I had pierced the sole of one of my boots, but I was prepared: before you travel, put an extra rubber sole in a boot with Scabb.

If it helped, I can’t say. I’ve been told that doing so is silly, but while the first boot almost fell several times, with the second didn’t give any little slip. When in doubt, be careful. Speaking of which, don’t forget to bring sunglasses, as snow is clear and you will probably during the day and, if you’re lucky, you will get a sunny day, it’s going to be a clarity only. Better protect your eyes.

  • Abuse of hot liquids

Who doesn’t love soup, you’re going to like it. Need to warm up? Better start eating something hot. Soup, soup, coffee, hot chocolate and tea are great choices. Looks like they give a refreshed when it is very cold. Is a great way to keep your body temperature and prepare to face the cold again.

  • Cocoa butter

In winter, it is customary to take a shower with very hot water, which ends up drying out the skin. The wind also doesn’t help much. Before you get that look dry, moisturize. Lips also ask for special care. Before they are cracked, buy a cocoa butter. And Yes, that goes for men too.

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