Tips for Using Men’s T-Shirts!

So I decided to invite a partner here the Male fashion, that the King55, to be part of this posting!A vegan, sustainable Brand (I have spoken of them sometimes for HERE), which has many (MANY)options for prints in your range of products!

Bora for Tips? Separated into threads, to illustrate well the post and be easy to understand. If interested in the t-shirt? Just click on the image to go to the webshop! GO!

Colorful Print or with too much information: want to wear a men’s t-shirt printed with color or with enough information? Be careful with the rest of the look. The cool thing is you give weight to things! Assemble the visual thinking of what do you want me to call more attention, what will stand out more. You know that story of priority? There you go riding a pyramid pro look: the pattern will draw more attention, there I will put a more basic Pants, tennis shoes with a detail here, a smoother CAP, etc.

Complementary Colors: If you want to dare a little and put enough color on the look, the complementary colors can help you! For example, a silk screen with Details in red, can fall very well with a green pants, a t-shirt with print in shades of blue can talk well with Brown pants and so on. I left below a rhythm method of complementary colors, to help in the inspiration.

Neutral Prints: Prints in Colors more neutral or monochrome leave you freer to dare more in visual! The hint is always thinking about balance, so you don’t force the General look and get a stop too heavy, that depending on the situation, it might be nothing nice!

Prints to work: For work, I can use a t-shirt Stamped? Can! For those who do not have to wear the uniform or a certain pattern of clothing on the job, use Pattern can be very cool! Of course there is worth the good sense, depends on your workplace, which event are you going, what the occasion, etc. I quite like a neutral pattern with one color, combined with a Blazer and Jeans for example. Is a very nice visual to a meeting and not so casual. Bora put creativity in practice? haha

T-shirt emblazoned with shirt on top: You can use a T-shirt emblazoned with a shirt over it too! Then I (Coriander) always like to balance! If I’m wearing a Plaid Shirt, looking for use a t-shirt Emblazoned more neutral below, if I’m with a more refined Print, a most basic Shirt on top. And so on! But then you can use the tips of the complementary colors, applying also in color pattern, with the color of the shirt.

Tips of Prints for the fatties: To the fatties, very large prints or color can increase the highlight to belly region, the cool thing is try using lighter and prints on the chest, for example. It can balance the look. See more tips for Fat HERE

Hints of prints for the Skinny: And the skinnies? A larger print, with greater emphasis, Full Print, can help to create volume! See the complete Tips for skinny guys HERE

Smaller Prints or details: And t-shirts with Prints? If you think T-shirts with minor or no Print Prints are very basic, search for a differentiated model. For example with collar, Oversized Modeling (which is very high, Tips HERE), with Pocket, cutting more scrappy, anyway, there are several options. Worth giving a panned!