Tips for Dog Stop Digging in the Garden

  • It is very common to dogs who stay or play in Garden digging holes. Here are some tips to avoid it!

Create Strategic Corners: by instinct,dogs have a habit of digging at the site in which will throw even they can do this on the sofas or cold floors. However, many times, the sites have any construction site or flowers. The technique consists of the owner prepare strategic corners that dogs can dig, taking into account what they really want.

Excess Energy:how much energy the dog has, deeper will be the hole. One of the best tips is to take the dog out every day so he can waste energy. In addition, the owner should always exercise it with lots of jest.

Boredom:dogs can dig holes in the garden, simply because they are bored. You’d like to stay in the yard all day? So, take your best friend for a walk, get to know new places and give him toys, so you can be distracted. Another tip is to hide dog snacks in the backyard, so it can find. The your best friend will love it!

Pregnant Dogs:the dogs that are about to win Cub, by instinct, can dig a nest for the Cubs. In this way, the owners must prepare strategic corners them. However, if the pregnancy is is essential that psychological the owners take the dog to the vet.

Restructure the Garden:remember that you have a dog and he loves digging instinct. So structure garden thinking about it, that is, adapt the garden to canine life. Minor changes to the site can avoid many headaches and provide less stress.A tip is that you can put a litter box in the garden, specifically for the dog, so he can play and have fun with her. Remember to dig is a natural and healthy behavior for the animal.

Watch the lectures! Don’t scold to your best friend if you’re not at the exact moment of the inappropriate behavior. That is, if he dug in a wrong place, and you’ve only seen once, it’s no use going to scold leaves him confused. Thus, chastise only when he starts digging in a forbidden place.

Gradually, your best friend’s learning sites that can–or no-dig. Have patience and love, until he learn correctly. When he’s digging in the places right praise him enough and offer a reward such as a cookie that he loves or a new toy.