Tips and Guide to Buying His Headlamp

You want to buy a headlamp, but you are lost to all models that exist, all of the prices, but also all the different features that exist? On our site, we decide to help you choose the best headlamp which is truly adapted to the use that you have defined. To allow you to quickly make the right choice, we decide to direct the site around the various criteria which are important when we want to buy a headlamp. And if ever you don’t find your happiness, feel free to contact us we will help you with pleasure.

The best headlamps of the moment

What use will get you your headlamp?

There are plenty of uses for a headlamp, and each use requires different features. Uses can go from one extreme to the other, you can for example use a headlamp to make the running, read, diving or a trek of several days. As you can see, not worth to invest in a professional headlamp if it’s just to browse the pages of a book every night, but if it’s to go night fishing, or mountain climbing, some features will become important: the criteria to be taken into account include the power, autonomy, the power supply to the lamp and also specific characteristics that demand your sport or activity.

How much power do you need?

The question of the power of the headlamp that you buy will directly impact its autonomy, it is so important to choose the most suited to the use which will be made lamp. Very logically, a powerful ultra headlamp will tend to pull on the battery or battery significantly, drastically reducing its autonomy. Conversely, a not-too-powerful headlamp will inform an area for a longer period of time.

More explicitly, a person making the race walk at night will be able to invest in a powerful headlamp , because it will be lit only an hour or two, but conversely for a fisherman who spends the night on the water , a hunter who spends the evening out, or a Caver who spends long hours in the dark, all will need a headlamp with great autonomy, therefore less powerful. This also applies if you spend several days out for a trek away from the modern world and plugs, forget the power and focus on autonomy and less light diffusion.

What type of power supply for the lamp?

Your future headlamp will have two different types of power supply: battery or battery. Each to his advantage, the batteries have the particularity of being easily found everywhere on the globe, so if you use your headlamp to make trips, of trails and other treks, the batteries may be a good idea because you can buy everywhere.

The batteries are when they become increasingly widespread on frontal lamps practical and with a good autonomy, they are easily recharged via a port usb or sector. The choice of batteries is more environmentally friendly than the simple battery, but be aware that most batteries headlamps also accept rechargeable batteries, so you can switch from one food to another easily.

Finally, the power of your headlamp must be adapted to the climate: cold weather, prefer battery lithium who show better performance, and use a really heavy-duty, nothing beats a lithium Li-ion or Li – Po battery, which you will provide a powerful lighting for a long time.

What is your budget for this purchase?

We find headlamps at all prices, and you can make your purchase in a very wide range from ten euros to more than 400. So what explains these differences in price? Simply the quality of the lamps:According to LedlightsClassified.Com,  a cheap headlamp will not show the same performance than another 300, she will in principle more suited to short activities in a quiet environment: reading or a DIY for example, car activities to dry on a short-term basis.

Conversely, a headlamp which will be lit for several days during a trek in the desert or polar area will have to combine resistance, independence, sealing, and performance. The price will be increased because this lamp front professional will be asked to design several years of work and it will be at the center of the activity of its user, as everywhere the quality at a price.

What features must have your headlamp?

Depending on the activity you practice, some features may be important see absolutely essential for you. If you engage in outdoor activity which may be subject to weather, be sure to check that you are buying a headlamp waterproof.

As mentioned above, you can opt for a light front USB, which will allow you to not bother with piles for example, and so to save space in your purse or in your pocket, useful for the race on foot, mountain biking or fishing by ex example.

Some manufacturers also offer solar headlamps, these reloading is very easy via a small sensor solar, very useful for use of the lamp over several days, it will delight fans of hiking, mountaineering or trail.

Make the choice of the right brand

Now that you have defined all of the criteria of your future headlamp, just to know which brand to choose. While some brands such as Petzl, Led lenser, or even Black Diamond have a very good reputation on the market, other actors also known engaged also in headlamps, as Energizer which offers flashlights at a very good price.

So to choose the right brand of headlamp, rely on the opinions of users is the best way to make the right choice. Petzl lamps are not given but you will see it are unanimous with the world of trekking, some fishermen appreciate the brand Aquatrekk, and readers of Sunday to the headlamp find that makes low-cost as Lighting EVER are a very good value for money.

In conclusion, each activity requires a specific headlamp, so don’t buy not a lamp that is not adapted to your needs because you risk either to pay too much, or so it will be less expensive but is not enough powerful for use you want to do.