Tip for Carnival: Hair Accessories!

Confess, ladies, not just live the Carnival Fantasy. Many women prefer to enjoy the revelry investing in Accessories for the head, ranging from flower wreaths to more refined decorations. Whether in the street or in a closed party, these items make all the difference in the look of the revelry. Loose hair with Straighteners, flat, a coke or a braid, no matter, the attachment will be the centerpiece and that more will be noticed. Are flowers or feathers, the tip is to vent, after all, are very few – without saying the one-times that we can produce with so many colors right?Ahahahaha. I love to play pulseirismo! So here is just joining the bracelets of all colors have in house and ready #partiufolia. Masks are also great investments, in addition to being something that lasts a lifetime, we were “mysteriously” beautiful with them, is pure charm!

The good thing about Carnival is that has space to enjoy in every way, of large to small parades and fun blocks. Here in Campo Grande, has some super fun blocks at the Carnival. Democracy is also the Carnival in looks, it can be super prepared in the style “Queen of the drums”, or more simple and creative-everything to your liking! The charm of the Carnival is in the production of accessories, hair cuff, which may be part of a fantasy or just a colorful detail to give more joy to looks. This is where creativity: hairstyles of the day-to-day, as coke, braids and Ponytails, are adorned with the most diverse materials such as colored ribbons, scarves, feathers, flowers, tiaras, crowns and what else the imagination allows.