Thoughts on Fast-Pacedness and Black Lace Blouse from Maje

I have written here many times about Instagram and no, I have not just cheated. Also, if my favorite SOCIAL media platform constantly changes their logarithm and I do not find anything, see some things three times a day. 

This is not great-but somehow also not to change. The people at Instagram do what they want and nobody asks me about my opinion. But this constant change is aptly reminding my today’s Sunday question. In addition, I was inspired to this post by Instagram. Susanne asked the question of the “fast-paced nature of our time” and how we can deal with it. I think that is a good topic for a Sunday speech. In the outfit it is now top-notch. In the sale I have still got a fantastic top blouse from Maje at clothesbliss. I am happy about it, because I still do not have enough of top.

So, the fast paced our time was the question on the Insta account and I know quite well how Susanne meant it… but I’m never so sure if that has to do with our time. I can remember very well that my parents also asked this question twenty-five years ago. At that time the news was heard from the daily newspaper, the Tagesschau ringing the evening program, and letters were still sent by post. And hard to believe but true, I always had to sit in the hall while I was on the phone because we had no portable device. At mobile radio had in the dream no thought-except perhaps very visionary engineers with too much small money in the bank account. On TV there were actually only three programs until the mid-eighties RTL and SAT1 were added.

World Offline

At that time books were still in paper form… (yes, I know, many do today). But at the end of the nineteen-nineties there was no other possibility. The stores closed at 6 pm – except the “ shit” long Thursday, which existed since 1989. And online shopping was futuristic… so not only the process itself, also the word Online… At that time, everything was made offline. Even with mail order, like Otto or Neckermann ordered one via small order card or possibly on the telephone. But probably only during regular opening hours.Photographed was analogous and the pictures read one develop.And coffee we have filtered and drunk in the cafè or at home but certainly not to go.

Only Commonality – The Age

In the vacation most of them are driven by car… Air travel or a holiday on the cruise ship made rather the childless or families whose leaders were the visionary engineers with too much small money in the bank account. And the famous people on TV of course.But despite all this, my parents often said: “Time passes so fast!” Hmmmm… although the whole technology junk then did not control the everyday life, people had the feeling that the time passed quickly.The only thing I can tell between past and present is the age … I’m now about the same age as my parents were then (but of course, of course:-))

Generation: I Know Everything Better!

Can it be possible to feel that time is fast-paced as soon as one becomes aware of one’s own finitude? So from forty, when their own parents are slowly no longer simply self-evidently there and also illnesses always approaching … So for me it is already somehow. Of course, I also previously knew that I would not be 300 years old.Nevertheless, everything seemed possible. Today, some things are no longer self-evident or can be achieved with greater effort and much more. That is fact. In addition, I was one of the younger generations who know everything better… Okay – a little bit ago-but when I was young, I thought to myself, the “old ones” have no idea, after all their lives were yesterday , And I know I was not the only twenty-year-old who was thinking or still thinking.

Illness Was As Shit In 1980 As Today

Today I know that one lives also in the here and today and does not constantly mourn the past. And that health is everything, because without health everything is nothing. You know that before, but from a certain age, health is not so self-evident… And for me, the circle closes again to the fast-paced. When illness forces a knee to the knee and does not participate in the “normal” life, but the rest of the world is still moving and everyone lives their everyday life, then I can imagine that the time is really passing by… Standstill is thundered.But I also believe that has nothing to do with today… it has always been so. In 1980, the disease was shit and disease was also…

Top Blouse By Maje

And it may be that Instagram makes one feel that the Earth is still moving. But there are some accounts that show that life is not an endless party and it is not just pink macarons. Just look, you have to do it myself. Before I come to my top blouse of Maje, I would be interested in the interest you have on the subject of time. I’m really excited. Now and then: The top blouse of Maje I’ve been watching for a long time and I was very happy when it was finally reduced. Top discreetly integrated in the styling I find absolutely great. The top looks up every look and makes any outfit fit for the evening. This week, B. I have two dates in the evening and once I will definitely wear the top blouse. And now I wish you a great Sunday. Your Conny

Top blouses are super versatile and I have more often-here a look quite in black and a  white blouse with lace on the sleeve… I like both looks very much and would really like to wear sneaker again.