These Looks Never Made It to the Blog

On Tuesday, I was looking at my folder with the post designs, and then I fell smoothly the chin.So many unseen eyes make ups, which I did but hard-working but never shown and in the meantime long forgotten! For some, I had actually planned a release, with others I did not either the photo or the desired look. But instead of simply deleting them directly forever, I decided to make a TAG out of it. Because I’m almost sure I’m not the only one who has made a look, kicked and then kicked. So, dig into your old photos and show me looks that never made it to your blog. I’m curious!

[DAY] Made-To-Measure – Knitted – Knitted – These Looks Never Made It To The Blog!

Are there AMUs or looks that you have photographed for the blog, but who have never made it to your blog for any reason? Reseach your old photos and answer the following two questions:

  1. When was the photo taken?
  2. Why have you never published it?

Then I’ll make the start I’ll start with my unpublished looks …

Look  # 1

When Was The Photo Taken?
July 2012

Why Did Not You Ever Publish It?

Well, I can already once you calm down, I have been using this eye makeup does not leave the house! I had given the topic “gray rain clouds” in a make-up action and this was my first modest attempt (high gray rain clouds, where?). The final result looked quite different. The only thing this attempt has in common with gray rain clouds is perhaps the fact that it has been an extremely bleak AMU day in my life. I thought to myself, try it with the Cut Crease according to FLORALAMAKEUP. Why I applied so many shimmering shadows to my brows and why the second photo is exposed quite differently, I can not tell you any more. Maybe I thought “a lot helps a lot” and made the one photo at the window and the other at the daylight

Look  # 2

When Was It Done?
Also July 2012

Why Did Not You Ever Publish It?

I think I have simply forgotten the publication! I had received from Catrice some products from the new standard range, including the eyeshadow “Carrots Of The Caribbean”. I did not wear the eyeshadow after this AMU again. And I also do not believe that I am with this orange eye make-up, which harmoniously harmonized with my skin color* cough*, went to the street (I hope just now).The eyeshadow is not even so bad from the quality and makes itself perhaps as a small accent in the eye not so bad. So why did I actually generously cover the whole eyelid with it? In addition, the second photo is somehow quite blurred. And it was probably already in the drafts in my blogger dashboard, so would have been so published if I had not forgotten it.

Look # 3

When Was It Done?

September 2012

Why Did Not You Ever Publish It?

Angry eyes of the many television? No, rather reflected on these photos my Canon Ixus 300 HS in my pupils, which I now for AMU photos do not even use. The beautiful Inglot eyeshadow was also applied completely sloppy and would not have been honored with the release of this AMU-photos.The photo was synonymous rather quickly between door and shove, because I wanted to imagine the eyeshadow necessarily. I will soon make up for it and hopefully get a more beautiful photo and a more beautiful look.