The Zenfone 6 Covers

The Zenfone 6 is a smartphone Asus launched in Brazil in 2014. The mobile has intermediate sheet and is available in black, white, red and gold colors. However, if you tire of the look of the phone, you can choose from the many different options of custom weights for sale in the domestic market.

If your concern is with travel safety, for example, it is possible to find waterproof and resistant cases, thus keeping your device away from damage. There are discrete options with plain or transparent colors. Get to know seven models of covers, with price and specifications, and decide which one suits you best.

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  1. Custom Covers

For starters, patterned cover designs are a good choice for anyone who wants to change the look of Zenfone 6. In the domestic market, users can find a variety of character, floral, animal, abstract, artistic, and even landscape themes.

The interesting thing is that these models cover the back of the phone, over the cover, protecting against scratches. There are openings for camera, speaker and buttons, with plastic or silicone materials. The price is from $ 24.90 in stores online.

  1. Wallet Cover

The “wallet” shaped cover is ideal for those who like to carry cash, documents or credit cards in the pockets integrated inside the front cover. So you keep your items organized in the same place.

The model covers the back and the screen, protecting the device from scratches or other minor damages. The simplest model, with seam on the sides for durability, is priced from R $ 24.90 in national stores.

  1. Discrete Layers

The user who wants to protect the cell phone in a more discreet way can find in national stores models of transparent or plain colors. There are options designed in plastic or silicone material (softer).

The protection is restricted to the rear, avoiding scratches, and with opening to the camera and plugs. The models can be found with prices starting at R $ 14,90. The Husky cover is more expensive, coming out for $ 29.90, but offers shock absorption and film in the kit.

  1. Flip Flip (With Window)

A practical option to protect the cell phone is the flip cover, which still allows you to perform quick actions. This is because on the front cover there is a “window” to access functions on the smartphone screen, such as answering calls, viewing times and notifications from your friends on social networks and messengers. All this without having to open the cover, or “turn on” the screen of the phone, saving battery and time.

The Cover S-View model is sold in national stores with a price starting at R $ 59,90 and also covers the back.

  1. Waterproof Cover

Likes to travel? This case is ideal to invest in an aquatic cover to keep your Asus Zenfone 6 away from water or sand damage. The underwater underwater can withstand up to two meters deep in the dive.

The sealing is complete, adapting to the design of the Zenfone 6, and comes with an external handle for easy carrying day by day. The material is transparent, allowing you to view the screen and record photos. The price is from R $ 19,90 in the manufacturer’s national stores. See other options in this list and stay tuned for the size of the cell phone screen (6 inches).

  1. Rugged Cover

Who wants extra protection can buy an impact-absorbing cover. The case designed in durable material covers the back of the phone and sides, with openings for the lens, flash, loudspeaker and connectors.

Thus, it protects from light falls and scratches while carrying the cell phone, keeping the model intact for longer. The model of the Underbody is seeing with price from R $ 19,90 in the national market, in black color matte or transparent.

  1. Textured (Non-Slip)

The smooth material that lines the back of the phone can cause some instability in the handling, mainly because it is a larger model with a 6 “screen. To help with this, a textured, non-skid layer can be a safe investment.

The rigid material design provides openings for the camera, buttons, connectors and speaker of the device. In addition, it protects the rear from day to day damage, leaving even free of fingerprints or dust. The model can be purchased with a price from R $ 58 in stores online.