The Various Hats of the ‘Stylish’ Prince Charles

The heir to the British throne has already appeared in public with different models of this mythical accessory of the fashion world.

Prince Charles Hat

At the beginning of the last century, wearing a hat was synonymous with elegance and social status. Precisely for this reason, it was an accessory widespread among men and women.

But over the years, fashion has put this clothing complement on the back of the closet, and for decades it has been out of people’s heads.

Such a tendency was not followed by the British royal family, who over the years kept the hat as one of the symbols of nobility.

Queen Isabel II loves to use the accessory in the royal ceremonies where she participates, as well as other members of the royalty.

However, no one knows how to wear a hat as well as Prince Charles. Owner of a style very own, has already been seen to use several models, some of them very alternative and funny.

See in the photo gallery the best moments of the heir to the British throne with the most different hats: