The Trend Goes Back to the Backpack!

I am often asked in the circle of friends, acquaintances and readers of the Pocket Geek blog after “Photo backpack”. Is the trend again more to the backpack? The amount of questions in my Pocket freak box suggests every case.

A few weeks ago, I met Patrick Ludolf, also known as a blogger of, a few days before he set out on his trip on the container ship in the China Sea and saw his backpack at our meeting in Wetzlar, Leica. Exactly this backpack from eningbo,  I could test now and want you to meet today in my post here more closely these.

It’s now in this post the SMOKE ONA THE CAMPS BAY .

Can we talk to only a few pictures of this Backpack:


Camps Bay is greater than outside from the inside. He works from the outside much smaller than he inside seems to be in the loading volume. I was amazed what I there anything into it can pack. My test load was very well protected and without squeezing and pushing.

In the photo below:

Sony A7R II with the fairly large Sony 85 1.4 G MASTER

Sony Zeiss 16-35

Sony Zeiss 55 1.8

Sony HVL-43M (the Flash)

Sony A6000 with Sony 28 2.0

Leica Q with 28 1.7

Spare batteries

two memory card holders

In the top “daily Pack”:

Sunglasses in case

Leica C in the neoprene case

Bose headset in the own leather case

Notebook and pens


In the page box:

a bottle of Flens

Because what’s really pure!


The camps Bay has the following compartments and subdivisions:

Below the large photo tray
… What is even still a little larger than the access to do so, in the images is hard to miss the 55 mm lens and the Flash, because they disappeared under the zipper.

A small part of trade on the photo cover
… which is ideal for the Smartphone, business cards, the charge cable, some pins and other small and flat article. The access to it is protected by the flap.

The upper”daily Pack”
… that right for a “day Pack” is small, is suitable for the main article such as Sun glasses, biscuits, purse, cookies, compact camera, biscuits, sunscreen, biscuits, headphones, biscuits, Powerbank, biscuits or cookies. (At this point greetings from the cookie monster :-)))

The notebook compartment
… which is achieved by the top daily Pack. Here you can flat notebooks and tablets (or even both-when flat devices) store very well. I have stored my Macbook Pro 13″ here-but also bigger 15″ fit devices here.

Two side pockets
… How’s the name already sabt on the sides of the bag which can be found. These are ideal for small tripods or just the small “bottle” for in between, as you could see above on my pictures.

Material / Processing / Quality

I was really ambivalent at the unpacking of the backpack. Waxed canvas is something that you only “must” get used, I think in the first feel. but after a few hours and days it feels like it must feel. It is very robust, water repellent and just waxed, so not very “Stofflike”. The wax prevents that everything sticks to the fabric and condensed even the pores of cotton (canvas) and prevents therefore fast ingress of rain or splash water. At the bottom is who can send a backpack with a but mistake so that man even on a damp surface show the Backpack also quite durable leather without the humidity sucks himself inside.

The zippers are very smooth and all with one hand to operate. You not need two hands like many other manufacturers, for the operation of the camps Bay Photo rucksacks. The two buckles which combine the flap with the front cover are also both with one hand to operate.You can serve them with the old-fashioned “belt buckle” which is used not just for show, but for size adjustment, but the faster way including the snap buckle. The leather welts are very noble and sewn to stable and make an impression on me that this me loose to survive.

The material, the zippers, seams, the internal divisions, the Velcro dividers, straps-everything that makes a very high quality and stable impression on me.


The manufacturer specifies the backpack with 1,980 grams. I have the camps Bay smoke in weighed empty on my postal scale and came to 2,130 grams.

Wearing Comfort

We talk over at The camps Bay by Ona not from a hiking or trekking backpack, but of a lifestyle photo backpack for the everyday life of a photographer who unobtrusively and yet chic would like to carry his tools and just on the back instead of just a shoulder would like to transport them. The comfort is good, but not at the level of back-ventilated and for 12 hours hiking is designed. What will I say? The Cams Bay is convenient, but not for high loads on many hours. The rucksack is sufficiently convenient for me as people, wedding and travel photographer and marketer in everyday life. I can not recommend for hiking.For a back vent and hipbelts lacks to make the weight from the shoulders to the hips. For me personally, which transported the backpack of the car from the parking garage to the next appointment or wearing the right times for 2 hours through a city. Just the lack of a waist belt is me there very nice because this is me eh too narrow for the most backpacks and I don’t like him. Whether this is OK for you or not you must completely alone even decide, taking into account your personal needs.

That I myself am a XXXL no secret is my familiar and loyal readers more. We major (and wide) people often have the problem that these packs on our backs look like a”kindergarten”sleeve for backpacks. But it’s just different when this Ona The Camps Baysmoke . Fits in small people (my dear wife is 1, 60 m”high”) and also with me with XXXL factor and 1, 93m in height.

There is the Ona The camps Bay in the variants “waxed canvas smoke”, “Waxed Canvas Field Tan” and “black nylon”. The gray “smoke” best I liked, because he matches all colours to clothes and for every occasion, whether suit appointment or sporting event.


Yes, I hear you complaining already. €435 for the smoke and Tan or €449 for the black The Camps Bay field are not a “piece of cake” and a lot of money. When you consider how much money can being stuck inside on “Tooling” or when you consider what a pair of good shoes or a good multi-purpose jacket today costs, which a few supposed to quite a few years, I find relativized the many euros back much. Yes, there are also backpacks for around 100 euros on the market, but not with this”style”, with this ‘design’ and not with this function range and load capacity.

Whether it’s a backpack for you and you are willing to invest this over 400 euros here, I can’t neither advise, nor recommend that even I can do that on your needs and assess opportunities. He is personally worth every penny and I will like to use this backpack and look forward to the next date, the next wedding and the next trip smoke with the Ona The Camps Bay.

I got this fascinating and extremely well thought out photographers back pack Look around there in Nice online store-you have really fascinating article for us Pocket freaks and Fotofuzzys. I like this Store.

So if you are looking for a stylish, chic and very practical backpack, you will make no mistake with the valuable and robust Ona The Camps Bay. An investment that is worthwhile despite its price, because you will soon love the piece and to appreciate. My opinion! I am testing much- but who will remain with me!