The Sympathetic AKA LG out of Korea

We have to go to November of last year to meet formally to phones AKA, a rarity on the part of LG It seems that he was going to stay as a curious fact, for use and consumption of its market.

LG has thought it was better and the flashy phones Android they will give a tour of the planet. There is no specific information about deployment, we only know that have been on sale in Taiwan for less than 300 euros, to change.

In short, we have a few phones range average playing with some Special covers and characters to represent moods and activities. The idea is to have a sort of Tamagotchi in the phone, but that see also reflected on the outside of it. It will be you more clear in the following video:

In terms of specifications, as phones with screen of 5 inch, HD resolution, chambers of 8 and 2 megapixel camera -attending laser approach-, connectivity for LTE, 16GB of internal memory, and battery of 2. 610mAh. The chipset has a quad-core processor 1, 2 GHz, with 1, 5GB RAM.

That said, aside from the appearance, we have a well-armed medium range within the renewed and powerful catalog LG, that the Korean company tries to innovate. You have all the info in the article’s presentation.