The Smartwatch GUESS CONNECT Nominated By The Global Mobile Awards

A few days ago the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards nominees have been known in the category of Best Wearable Mobile Technology. The Guess Connect Smartwatch by Martian Watches can be one of the winners at the next telephone fair to be held in Barcelona on 22-25 February.

Receiving a nomination is sometimes almost as important as receiving the award, the Guess Connect smartwatch hopes to be the winner at Barcelona’s upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in the category of “best wearable device technology”.

The Guess Connect smartwatch made by Martian Watches are not very well known in Spain, but surely soon they will become fashionable. They are devices that perfectly combine technology with elegance. We believe it is no coincidence that they have been nominated for the second time to these awards.

The rest of nominees in the category of  Best Wearable Mobile Technology:

Epson for Moverio smart eyewear range.

Intel for Recon Jet.

Martian Watches forGUESS CONNECT

Motorola Mobility for Moto360.

Well Being Digital Ltd, for ActivHearts.

You can see the rest of the nominees in different categories of the Global Mobile Awards .

GUESS another prestigious brand of watches that joins the fashion of the Smartwatch

According to insidewatch, like other major watch brands, GUESS is one of those who have launched their own smartwach, albeit with the help of the Californian company MartianWatches.

Last November, GUESS announced its GUESS CONNECT in two possible sizes; A box of 45mm and a box of 41mm, with different colors including: golden pink and blue, brown, black and gold, golden pink and white with crystal bezel.  In this future spring, GUESS CONNECT will bring two additional styles for women and men.

The model for women is elegant and pretty, with ornaments in its plaid box, and bright colors. The 45mm men’s model will have a sportier spirit with a silicone strap and black and white tones.

Regarding technology, GUESS CONNECT smart clocks offer voice commands that provide hands-free notifications, and the ability to manage calls and emails with this system. These Smartwatch are the unique possessors of a Martian module that makes them work as a microphone and speaker with perfect sound.

The notifications appear on a small monochrome OLED screen, at the bottom of the watch. The user can configure the clock vibration for different notifications.

Another advantage of this smartwatch, is its compatibility with both Android and iOS phones. And that both the hardware and the features will be updated automatically without having to purchase a higher model.

You can currently buy the GUESS CONNECT (woman) through Amazon|€330.00. GUESS CONNECT leather strap (man) on Amazon|€349.00.

Tissot another great brand with a possible Smartwatch

To complement the news of big watch brands with Smartwatch in the market, comment that circulates the news that Tissot will present its first smart watch in Baselworld 2016.

It is expected that the Swiss brand launched its smartwatch before 2017. Tissot plans to have on the market three different watch models before next year. Rumors are that this new device will be on sale in August for Switzerland and the United States.