The Return of the Milk Girl and Leather Skirt

Dear readership-I really wanted to share with you today very difficult thoughts. But decided that serious thoughts on New Year’s Day are already obligatory.

 Quite without heavy reading and a better mind. So there is today: The Return of the milkmaids or better-20 beer caps for 200 euros. The article is illustrated with the leather skirt in the style of the sixties, which is very directly related to this story.

But from the front… A few weeks before Christmas it was. I was still looking for decoration stuff. The regular reader may know we are celebrating a birthday on Christmas Day. As a rule there is a good tablecloth on the table… You already know festively and so, because often a large part of the lovely kinship with us falls. If yes, look for what the board… But it is so, the clan “messed up” also gladly the delicate fabrics, with which I try to conjure a festive splendor into our humble hut. It is spilled and spilled, as if there was no tomorrow… So, I would not here now my family expose, but somehow I have to explain why I buy glass coasters (also called beer coasters)… had…(Which I then forgot in the closet).

Crime Scene Internet

Well then-so it was so that last year I knew very well that H & M has wonderful glass coasters with festive motifs in the Christmas season.Of course, I’ve been waiting for it since August and then discovered it in the online shop in December according to PICKTRUE. Haha… with great joy I immediately packed 6 packets in the shopping basket-price 17.77 euros. Fatally, the clothing sweat had just run so ne action. So ne Pricestaffelaktion… 10% at 100 euros, 15% at 150 euros and 20% at 200 euros sales… Hmmmm… The milk girl immediately rummaged the pocket calculator and reckoned…


In the best case, I could get the beer cap 3.43 euros cheaper… The fact that I have to put about 180 euros for it, is doing here nüscht to the matter…. In addition, the batteries in my pocket calculator abruptly weak, very weak… And I think beer coasters get cheaper, these are grandiose prospects or not? I am in the heart yes Schwabe and about three times a year I am thinking about my origin and try to save my money. Sure, I’m not that it is meant, but no matter… My kids have still got long sleeve shirts for Christmas. Our candles are on a new tray, and I have a new sweater and a leather skirt in the style of the sixties.

Short Attention Span

Perhaps I can add to my excuse that such a skirt has been on my wish list for years. Only the right I have somehow not found.Unfortunately, the Swedish clothing manufacturer had just this with the great, stile button strip in the assortment. A really nice leather and absolutely perfect in the style of the sixties-but not quite as short as then. I do not want to be a Twiggy copy… I’m a copy of my mother. From her I have seen pictures on which she wears clothes or skirts in A line and she looked so simply stunning. I have to get these pictures out and show you – but now and never again… finally, New Year and the attention span is pretty short… I think… 😉 Yes, yes, I already know, one should not close oneself to others…

Leather Skirt In The Style Of The Sixties

That’s why I now come to the outfit of the milk girl. The leather skirt in the style of the sixties is sufficiently described. But I also wanted to get rid of the sweater. This is my color 2017-I assert now completely keck. Yes, I already know Pantone has chosen Rose Quartz as the DER color in 2016… but I always need a bit longer. I’m already over forty… And although the sweater has been in my wardrobe since February, I have only now managed to post an outfit with it. He just waited for the leather skirt… Sure, it must have been. O 🙂 And the next year I steal beer coasters at the Augustiner, Paulaner or another brewery…

Happy New Year

I wish you a wonderful lazy beginning of the year… Happy new year, health and all your wishes are to be fulfilled in 2017. Always good friends at your side, you need to blow the march, if necessary… But I’m sure that is not necessary in your case at all. Thank you for being here and giving me your time… I push you virtually firmly. Your Conny

Rock & Coat: H & M-the rock is never to be found in Sweden, but I’ve searched a bit and found a skirt of MbyM  (Affiliatelink) at about you-but not leather, Edited has a nice leather skirt in A line (Affiliatelink) And even two buttons. 
Pullover: soyaconcept-a very different, but very nice sweater – also from Edited but at About you in sale  (Affiliatelink). 
Tights: Batallion Bellete 
Shoes: Felmini 
Choker: Zara 
Bag: Chanel… now it never takes long and she belongs with… Thanks to a generous Christmas leave of my aunt