The Retro Style of the Parisian Woman

“He sees the woman in the dress. “If there is no woman, no dress”. Coco Chanel

The style of the French woman is a classic that has always intrigued to which were born on the American continent. It is impossible to go to Paris without notice that charm emanating by the French, and the most surprising thing of all, seems not cost them any effort.

From the glorious years of Versailles in the 18th century, French fashion has been imitated by the rest of the West. In times of the Porfiriato in Mexico, at the end of the 19th century the Mexican upper classes looked towards the aesthetics of France, trying it to imitate, for example that surely was repeated in many other countries.

Since the 20th century, designers such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Pierre Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, among many others have put on a high fashion in France.

But not only are the houses of Haute Couture and the catwalks, the streets of Paris seem to be filled with women who bring what they bring since reflect a high sense of aesthetics, which to date is still inspiration for many designers and imitated by millions of women worldwide.

Trying not to fall into clichés, but trying to give an idea of the spirit that surrounds that style of life of the Parisian woman I make a few comments that distinguish them.

  1. Hair: who has gone to France will give me the reason, the vast majority of French women have a beautiful and healthy hair. Many of the Latin America want to attribute it to the genes, but no, girls, no mistake. The reason why the French tend to have a divine hair is that for cultural reasons not exposed to chemical treatments that latinas are obsessed to “beautify it”. Most of the French opting for a look as natural as possible, which retain their color and texture of hair, taking the best of it.
  2. Hairstyles: go back again to the natural… As latinas we spent the plates, we use sprays, rizamos our hair with curling irons, French invest in a good haircut and pick it up in a bun, that among more tousled and efortless is better. As they don’t have the obsession of wash it daily, the same natural oils preserved her hair, either released or collected.
  3. Style to dress: see it the French hold fewer marks than any Latin, does not mean that they have not invested in your wardrobe. However, while latinas tend to collect clothes and more clothes in our closet, French purchase a few key pieces, but of very good quality, since in his mind, repeat the clothing does not have anything wrong, but quite the opposite.
  4. Layers and more layers: using few, but very well selected parts were precisely has its great science by combining them. For the climate, and to get the most out of each garment, layered look is very popular in the French capital.
  5. Makeup: almost without a drop of makeup, but with red lips, the Parisian woman walks down the street with a poise and elegance that makes us envy to the rest of the mortals who for reasons of fate not born or grew up in Paris. It makes us ask, but why they look so beautiful if they are not makeup? Precisely for this reason, because instead of worrying about hiding imperfections are dedicated to care for the most important thing: your skin, which are sparing no pennies (for something large cosmetic laboratories are French), and accept the rest of his physiognomy as the charm that makes them unique and different. The red lipstick is the essential touch of coquetry.
  6. Diets: actually the Parisian lifestyle requires few diets, since the simple fact that for transported women walking or riding bicycles, already puts them in physical compared to their peers advantage American which are transported by car. Another aspect to be highlighted is the quality of the food and portions. The French love food, and by this I mean good food. While latinas have adopted the lifestyle of United States eating all kinds of food processed, high in sodium, fats and sugars, the French consume a good cheese, fresh meat, bread without preservatives or a rich red wine glass, giving the time to enjoy them. That is why it is rare to see people overweight in the streets of Paris.
  7. Surgeries: while in United States and many parts of Latin America, the cosmetic surgeries have become one necessity for the contemporary woman, few French that is subject to a procedure of these. First because the natural love, considered in bad taste. Second, because they too love themselves, and is precisely what project.