The Reinvention of the Roller Collar Pullover

Many of them have a kind of hatred love: on the one hand, they are the perfect choice for those who tend to feel shivering, so they can be cuddled on the neck. On the other hand, they have a little trend-oriented, sometimes even Fashion model. Stuck! 

Because roll-neck sweaters are in a cool new edition back on the fashionable picture surface and give us in the cooler months of the year numerous cuddly styling possibilities. From casual to elegant: roll-neck pullies prove that they are anything but stiff. We show how much facet-richness lies in the re-invention of the roll-neck collars and on which rolli trends there is now no way past.

In terms of material, shape, color and texture, the roll-neck sweater has emancipated itself from its dusty, possibly even scratchy image of once. While in the 70s, 80s and 90s Rollis definitely belonged to the female fashions and belonged to the theme of disco, preppy and grunge look, the neck-covering sweater disappeared silently and secretly in recent years in the trend shift. In the penultimate autumn/winter season designers from Milan to New York then rediscovered him and brought the roll-neck sweater a comeback-and a wonderful warm and stylishly packed neck!Warm feet and a protected neck are also of importance to our health-so we can do with the new roll-neck sweaters both for our look and for a lively performance!

The Roll-Neck Sweater: How The Classic Became What It Is

The roll-neck sweater is by no means a new fashion phenomenon, on the contrary, it is already a moment that has been recurring for several decades, both in the fashion of women and men. In the 1950s, turtleneck sweaters were regarded as “uniforms” of thinkers and freedoms. In particular, students, intellectuals and bohemians, who rejected the overhauled social roles and values ​​of the post-war period, and instead discovered new, unconventional life models, took a deep interest in the Rolli. Narrow roll collars in black have become the epitome of the existentialist look. To this day, they are regarded as a favorite piece of clothing for those who are trying to solve the problem of existence, giving themselves to freedoms and art, but also to deep-rooted questions and social discourses.

Later, the roll-neck sweater became a symbol of moral purity and philistine decency. Children and adolescents, housewives, administrative employees: they all wore turtleneck sweaters – not least to underline their morally oriented mentality. In the 1970s, turtleneck sweaters were once again discovered as a powerful fashion item and presented as a high-necked, sleeveless sweater (often combined with arm warmers) or glittering Lurex knitting as a textile representative of the disco and yuppie era.

With the heroin chic and the grunge aesthetics of the nineties, the flawless imagery of the rollcollar pullover (and that of its wearer) missed a good dose of destructiveism and inadequacy.Calvin Kleins Clean Chic staged the Rolli elegantly and androgynously, while punk and grunge already times loose stitches, open seams or even holes in contrast to the still “highly closed decent” collar form.

The new edition of the Rollkragenpullovers offers a fashionable potpourri of possibilities to underline different looks: From retro-romantic over cool and urban to sophisticated and modern: Rollis are back! Turtle Neck and her close relatives, the Mocknecks (with collar-like, indicated roll collar) bring stylish diversity into our cabinets-and the extraportion fabric to our neck!

The New Roll-Neck Sweater And How We Prefer To Wear It

Whether body-tight and elegant or extra-cuddly from coarse knit: The new generation of turtleneck sweaters are so versatile that we do not want to wear anything else in the winter. Find your stylish new edition of the roll-neck sweater and do not just flip the sweater collar, but also different looks in an uncomplicated way:

Cuddly turtleneck sweaters : Turtle Neck variants from Grobstrick and in voluminous XXL format are not only super straightforward to style, but also so comfortable that we do not want to take them off! Whether it’s a short skirt for a mini skirt or overknee boots made from soft nappa leather or as a long sweater that goes through with warm tights and booties as a knit dress: roll-neck sweater made of thick knit qualities can not be missing!Beautiful variety offer structure knit, ethnic pattern in Scandinavian style or even in bright color and material mix. Our styling tip from The narrower the cut should be, for example with a skinny jeans, a skirt close to the body or – if the sweater is cut long enough – with pantyhose and boots.