The North Face | Primaloft® Thermoball™ Insulation

The brands and trendsetters, The North face, has developed in cooperation with PrimaLoft® an almost revolutionary heat insulation. This material technology the benefits produced by nature down to base of a specially structured synthetic fiber, without having to rely on the use of animal products. Here you will learn technologies by TNF to the Thermoball™…

Thermoball™ – thermal insulation of TNF

Thermoball™ is a thermal insulation that combines all the benefits of high-quality natural down feathers in itself, without at the same time, to realize the disadvantages, which go hand in hand with the use of down materials.

Advantages of down

The advantage of natural down is in the very good heat insulation, which are guaranteed by the increased abdominal strength of down. High-quality feathers bag up over a large area and form stacked layered air-cushion, which include the air heated by the body this several times. This creates a pressure gradient that prevents cold air from the outside. In this way very powerful thermal insulation technology for the people in outdoor use can be harnessed with down clothing, known from the Animal Kingdom.

Bulking power

The bulking power of down is in cuin (also known as cubic inches per ounze), to cubic inches per ounce, measured. This is one ounce (28 grams) in a graduated cylinder for a total of 24 hours squeezed together and then measured how much cubic inch compressed down again extend. Natural down feathers achieve this, depending on the quality, sometimes the best values. I.e. they are extremely compressible and extend very quickly back to their original volume. Ideal so if clothes for the transport must be reduced to a minimal pack size.

The disadvantages of natural down feathers

Functional clothing from down, but other products, such as sleeping bags, are very maintenance intensive. The main problem is that down which have become wet once, very quickly lose their whole force and without appropriate care not so quickly recover.

At the same time also a drastic reduction of the thermal insulation goes hand in hand with the repentance of the bulking power . Therefore are not infrequently made for sleeping bags synthetic fibers instead of down. Another drawback, depending on the ethical point of view is, that down is an animal product.

Many brands give while more on eight shopped used down not from holdings which alive pluck the animals, so that instead the “waste product” is purchased on the slaughterhouses. But even that is not happy vote most of the vegetarians and vegans.

The advantages of Thermoball™

Thermoball™ combines all the advantages of the natural down, without both an increased care intensity as they require products from natural down feathers. The Thermoball™ is composed of synthetic fibres interwoven to very small balls on Polyamide polyester-based thermal insulation. This is a bulking power of 600 cuin and consequently a comparable good thermal insulation. At the same time, feature clothes from Thermoball, much like down clothes, on an extremely compressible are small pack size.

But this is not all by far, because due to the tech-savvy synthetic fibers, Thermoball™, materials warm even if they are completely soaked. In addition, the used plastic fibres of clothing give extremely quick drying material properties. Also no animal products are required for the manufacture of the Thermoball™ insulation, thus they can be rightly described as ‘vegan friendly’.

Advantages at a glance:

  • best heat retention
  • high bulking power
  • highly compressible
  • fast drying
  • keeps you warm even in the wet
  • very easy to clean
  • extremely lightweight

Thermoball™ in the practice test

Sean McCoy of the American gear junkie magazine, wanted to initially do not really believe what the manufacturer promises. So he made a decision on his next Trek up to the grays and Torres peak in Colorado, USA, the isolation technology on the basis of The North face Thermoball™ full zip mens jacket to test through its paces. To do this he popped a TNF Thermoball jacket in one of the icy cold River runs along the path of his itinerary and again attracted the jacket soaked with icy water. The improved moisture management as well as the extremely good thermal capacity in the wet were confirmed accompanied with icy temperatures of 30 degrees Fahrenheit (around-1 degree Celsius), sometimes strong winds. After only a few seconds, the lining had stored body heat. Later, the moisture was evaporated almost completely out of jackets. To the practical test of the gear junkie magazine!

Thermoball™ products

A selection of functional jackets, which take advantage of the Thermoball™ material technology, to give you maximum comfort and best heat retention during your outdoor adventures is located in our McTREK outdoor sports shop.

High-performance Summit series collection is also newly created last year by TNF makes the advantages of which to use technology Thermoball.

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