The Nokia Lumia is the Cargo Pants

Pants Charges Battery from Nokia Lumia

“We make the charge in the pants” the fashion designer of A. Sauvage probably thought. Namely, he has designed the first pants that wirelessly charges smartphones in your Pocket via induction. The Akkuladehose is part of the London collection of fashion designer, which bears the title “Modern Man”. Learn more about the Akkuladehose!

The Akkuladehose that charges mobile phones via induction, looks not bad. And it is also practical: Wireless uses the Nokia DC-50 load Nokia Lumia phones, that reads now though as the name of the aircraft, actually, but it is an accessory to charge the battery in your pocket. A 2,400 mAh powerful battery, who charged for the first time at home, on the road powered Nokia Lumia mobile inside the Nokia DC-50.

The Akkuladehose was designed by the fashion designer of A. Sauvage. With the co-operation of A. Sauvage with Microsoft Mobile UK, the modern man is in the year 2014 in the focus of the analysis. The Marketing Director of Microsoft Mobile in United Kingdom and Ireland, Adam Johnson, is enthusiastic about the collaboration with fashion designer. Johnson, A. Sauvage’s style and the innovative design of the Nokia Lumia 930 fit perfectly to each other. You could say: the collaboration between fashion designers and high-tech companies has received something really good in the pants.

The Akkuladehose should be soon available at Amazon. How much will cost the Akkuladehose, is still uncertain, but a normal designer trousers by A. Sauvage without integrated charging function times almost 500 euros. This is the new Nokia Lumia 635, which you get from us in the online shop, a real bargain!

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