The New Maxi: Earrings

What woman doesn’t love her accessories? They save those basic looks when we’re uninspired, isn’t it? That’s why there are some seasons the maxicolar came as trend and who thought it would be a mistake, too: he’s here to stay and is right in the wardrobe of most women.

But today we will talk about another accessory that is gaining more and more prominence: the earrings. According to MustownJewelry, with the wave of colarzões that broke the looks, the earrings had diminished and even gone, but as fashion is made up of news, Grace today is to use exaggerated Earrings: with or without stones, gold, silver, with fringe and what else is different.

You don’t have to worry about age, style, colors … It’s released for everyone! Just be careful to balance the set: no use all accessories huge if you’re not used to it. A tip for beginners, who do not yet have a lot of skill, is to put a classic clothes, without too many details, and let the earrings shine!

For those who want to get into it, just look at the models that you can find near you:

  1. Oswaldo Moscon, R$ upon request
  2. Sarah Saadi R $165
  3. Sarah Saadi R $180
  4. R Noble Metal $33
  5. Maria Dolores R $535
  6. Mari Mauro R $32
  7. Larissa Muniz R $175
  8. Larissa Muniz R $179
  9. Maria Dolores R $350