The Nail Design with Paper

Once again we bring you an article with an original technique and easy to decorate your nails that requires only a base color and a scrap of newspaper.

With these elements, you can print the small letters or designs on the nails of pure and lasting way. The technique of nail design with paper only requires finesse and creativity.

The papers that have been used at some point to let us know can also serve as a creative element in the case of decoupage, paper mache, wallpaper or even better, we can use your design and ink for printing, for example, on the nails. A nail art fun, original, fast and very cheap in Stylishtacoma.Com.


  • A small bowl or container
  • A sheet of paper where only small letters (no titles)
  • 70% alcohol
  • Fork
  • Tweezers AA, for example, makeup or hair removal
  • A porcelain base for nails
  • Colorful enamel
  • A base enamel for shine

Step by step:

Start by cutting the paper into small strips and then dive into the container, where, before you put a little alcohol without mixing with other liquids. The idea is that the letters we’ve chosen are those that then let’s print and so we have to make the selection with the source that we like and we especially have the fine print and well together.

The paper must be well covered alcohol so that the print pops out easily.

Then apply the nail base. Can be a Strengthener, anti breakage or if possible a porcelain that flattens the uneven surface of the nails.

Once dry, apply the glaze chosen. He has to be colored, because the letters are gray and should highlight. Can be white, blue, green, pink or a tone of your preference which is always dull or pastel. One or two layers according to the need of coverage.

When the nails were dry, proceed with tweezers to place one of the cops on the nail (good wet alcohol). Then, press with your finger, for the entire nail without doing too much force, just enough and do not move the paper. After a few seconds, lift and remove the paper. Instantly the letters are engraved.

The last step is the application of enamel for shine, which dry quickly, give more shine and durability to your drawing. The letters can be used in many ways, horizontally, vertically, or skewed as you want.

Including original versions you can get a Chinese newspaper or why not an old map. The idea is that any element printed on paper may be used. But be careful, not to be a laser printing such as magazines, because they do not move.

The most original nail can be achieved to match any outfit, just simply change the color of the base or combine them with others. Easy, convenient and fun, this nail design technique with newspaper will give something to talk about.