The Moto G 4 Plus Covers

Despite the recent launch, the Moto G 4 Plus already has several options of covers, be it to decorate the cell phone or protect the device. Available in black and white, the G 4 Plus can be customized in Moto Maker, but for those who want to give a new look to the phone, or just want a protection, buying a hoodie may be ideal.

How to unlock the Moto G 4 Plus with a Bluetooth device

The Moto G 4 Plus draws attention to the interesting datasheet, with specifications such as Android , 2 GB RAM, Snapdragon processor and 16 MP camera. The following list brings various models of cases for the cell phone, such as wallet, aluminum, waterproof and other styles.  

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1) Wallet Cover

For the people who want to leave with cell phone and wallet, the wallet is ideal, as well as having the fit for the mobile phone and complete protection, the hood has dividers to store money, credit card and other papers. For sale in the main stores, the model is widely used and is priced at around $ 40.

2) Transparent Layer

Although the colors are basic, there are those who prefer to remain discreet and use covers only to protect the phone and display the original color of the phone. For these people, there are transparent covers-made of silicone or acrylic-that protect without hiding the color. These covers are more common and cost about $ 15.

3) Rugged Cover

While making the smartphone more robust, the rugged covers offer greater protection.With this, there are those who give up the beauty to better protect the smartphone.For this, there is the cover against impact. Usually thicker and with slightly higher side, to protect the screen, the weeds fell in the taste of the most clumsy users. The model is priced at $ 45.

4) Cover With Drawings

For those who like the cell phone with their own style, it is possible to buy covers with prints, be it characters, flowers, places or landscapes. There are models of cases with the most varied colors and prints. These models can be found for prices starting at $ 20.

5) Cover With Sparkles And Texture

The most striking hoods are often preferred by those who like a lot of details. These models usually have glows and textures, which can be useful to improve the footprint of the phone and prevent the smartphone from slipping out of your hand. Cases with this style can be purchased for about $ 35.

6) Aluminum Cover

For those who seek to give a new face to the device, without losing the elegance, there are the covers that resemble aluminum. The advantage of these hoods is that they are stiffer, unlike silicone, and still maintain the footprint, without leaving the cell phone more robust or heavy, such as the resistant hoods. This type of cover can be found for $ 25.

7) Waterproof Cover

Ideal for more radical users and situations involving water, the hood-bag is the best choice, by keeping the phone sealed and protected from liquids. With the phone in the bag, you can even dive and take pictures in the water. These weeds can be found for prices starting at $ 50.