The Most Iconic Sneakers of History

Converse All Star, New Balance 574, Munich, Le Coq Sportif… Surely all these names you sound. In fact, all these trainers have something in common: the popularity reached by and have become the most iconic shoes in history.

Converse All Star

The first Converse All star really broke into the market in 1970, although today they are still a fashion icon and a basic in any closet. Because its popularity largely to the American basketball player Chuck Taylor, who was Ambassador of the brand and the soon in the most sold and imitated.

New Balance

Las New Balance are distinguished by being present in a variety of colors, shades and combinations multicolor. The creator of the New Balance was an English emigrated to United States, William j. Riley, and its history goes back to the year 1906. The peculiarity of this brand is a first born as orthopaedic footwear. Their high quality and their daring designs have managed to become one of the most popular athletic shoes today.


Although this brand name sounds more German than anything else, it’s a Barcelona footwear firm. The first Munich shoes were launched in 1939. These shoes have been always linked to sport and enjoyed wide popularity among soccer fans room. They have managed to get out of sports tracks to become fashionable sneakers and walk on the streets, as harvardshoes says.

Le Coq Sportif

In 1982, the French Emile Camuset began his journey in fashion making t-shirts for your friends cyclists, footballers and players of rugby. 130 years later, the signing of the rooster, it would end up being one of the most recognized and prestigious fashion and footwear. Its most iconic models are the Tours and the Milos.

Of course, there’s more on the list: Nike Air Jordans, Reebok Freestyle, Adidas Superstar, and an endless. But these are without a doubt which I like more. What are your favorite? Are you on this list? Come on and let me here your comments.