The lingerie is not only for underwear

Until this season, the lingerie was a topic intimately reserved in a matter of fashion to the clothes . Silk or lace were part of clothes that were hiding under clothes, and that rarely were taught.

Subsequently, were born those trends that left exposed some of them, as a slight vision of BRA through a garment that take transparencies or similar, in the area in question.

However, the lingerie has come out in the open, and now comes all kinds of fashion accessories, clothing, and it has become absolute and total trend. Stockings with lace in a tribute to femininity and the component sexy to complete the looks make up one of the key proposals for this autumn / winter.

See also sports bra:

However, they are not the only ones that have come to light and they promise to hit hard this season. Dresses, blouses, t-shirts or shirts ties are currently in a style where lace makes that Cowboys are combined with garments ‘in bed jump’, the most intimate apparel with stunning heels that give the elegant point, and finally the underwear take to the streets to make women feel divine in every occasion.