The Lingerie Hits The Streets

The lingerie is fashionable and, this season, might look on the street. Join the trend of lingerie looks and dressing sexy and comfortable all day.


During this season, the drawer of the lingerie will lose their privacy and will no longer be reserved for your partners. The sexiest clothes go out without losing the elegance. Brands such as Woman’secret has made a strong commitment by this kind of outfits so sensual.



Women’secret in its 20 th anniversary already presented his special collection Night Suits. Looks betting on silk, lace, velvet and embroidery, and the colors that were most abundant were blacks and whites.


Colección Night Suits de Women’secret


Night Suits for Women collection ‘ secret


The low-cost brandssuch as Zara and Mango, did not want to be less and also have released their most daring lingerie looks.


Prendas de lencería para la calle


Lingerie for Zara and Mango Street


However, not only the lingerie makes the leap to the street but also the nighties, kimonos and dressing gowns. The designers of Intimissimi and Women’secret offer clothing sufficiently comfortable to sleep or to stay at home and, at the same time, elegant to be able to wear them during our day to day. In fact, Sara Carbonero at the 20th anniversary of Women’secret already showed his predilection for patterned kimono that we show you here since “it is a very funny piece to be the perfect look with a white t-shirt at home and for the day to day,” said the presenter.


Camisones y kimonos para el día a día


(Intimissimi) nighties and kimonos (women’secret) for every day


So you know, this season have two options: dare to wear your most sensual Street lingerie and contrast their effect with more lighthearted and informal garments; or opt for the comfort and look your best Nightgowns or kimonos. Which option would you stay?