The LED is Hazardous to Health?

Which actually says the report by the ANSES… page 8 of the second file

Five files are proposed consultation on the website of AFSSET, in addition to a summary report. They are not easy to read, as their texts overlap. A force to reread the same ends, you would think they were eventually partially redécoupés. But no. And in the second report, we read this paragraph:

It appears that some very commonly used in LED lighting, signage and markings belong to the risk group 2, while all other light sources available to the general public do not exceed the risk groups 0 or 1.

Going up, we find the definition of these risk levels for LED lights:

The standard defines four risk groups:

  • Group risk 0 (risk-free), the product is safe Photobiological;
  • Group Risk 1 (low risk), the product does not present a risk of exposure limits in normal conditions of use;
  • Group Risk 2 (moderate risk), the product does not present a risk aversion response to very bright light sources or due to thermal discomfort;
  • Group Risk 3 (high risk), the product may present a risk even for momentary or brief exposure.

The lamps for the general public are safe in normal conditions of use.However, some signs of use LED moderate risk. So some are concerned professionals, clearly targeted this time in the press release: “lighting installers, performing arts, etc. which are subjected to high intensity lighting, and are therefore likely to be exposed to large amounts of blue light”.