The Leather Jackets Return to The Closet?

We are left with these temperatures better return to the style of Spring Street and that just to recover winter garments, again without looking like spring and returning to one of our favorite, as is the leather jacket. There are those who already have encouraged to recover it from the closet, as Kate Moss. And you? Have you returned to it?

The Leather Jackets Return to The Closet?

Full black we saw one of the quintessential British models. Nothing of putting color or something in contrast to the look. A style of the rock that except for the fringes of the boots is ideal, a set where the basic work without major complications.

Demi Lovato you prefer to incorporate something that breaks with the rest of garments. Without many complications, only a white jersey and the effect is already achieved in this total look by Rag and Bone. I’ll take your booties.

A day of sightseeing, a day of dogs, Jessica Biel are encouraged to combine two leather jackets of the firm A fine striped tube dress according to the great sport of Nike sports sweatshirt. I love the bluish touch of jacket, one of those that always should be taken by the Cabinet.

Your spring jacket

  • Jacket leather with zippers crusade of Pull & Bear 89.99 euros.
  • Jacket padded, with tacks, cross and in Bordeaux’s Zara for 129 euros.
  • The varsity jacket with leather sleeves for Karl Lagerfeld for 189 euros.
  • In the body of this design floral print of Rag & Bone 755 euros.