The Jeans: Patogê #2

“There came a moment when you realize having just a jeans industry bit sustainable. We needed to do more, it was necessary to create sets.Invest in concept, seek stability in the market and talk to the audience we want to reach”, says Davis. It was from this moment that the Patogê went on to invest in a new concept of jeanswear, which caused the label to turn on power that is today.


However, one thing is fact: along with the recognition and growth, comes the mishaps. “We’re being very piracy focus”, says Patricia Castro. According to the Manager, this is a big problem that the fashion industry is facing. As it is almost impossible to fight the copy, the Patogê opted for strategies that inform customers about the originality of its parts.

Given this scenario, the brand has developed a pioneering action: created a holographic label to identify your productions. In addition, the Patogê created a campaign signs at points of sale, such as displays, stickers and badges. “This action is just to communicate to our customers. It is a zeal and a watch with the consumer of the Patogê”, explains Patricia.

Winter Campaign

And to toast this success, the winter campaign of the Patogê brought the top Viviane Orth, one of the most famous Brazilian models in recent seasons. In addition to shine on the catwalks of FASHION WEEK and Fashion Rio, Lived also has modeled for renowned brands such as Calvin Klein, Diesel and Dior.

In addition to the top, the brand also enlisted the help of renowned professionals to create the new campaign. The photos were clicked by Márcio Rodrigues, on the station square in Belo Horizonte, and the styling was signed by Inês Yamaguchi.

The 2012 winter collection of Patogê, presented at the 9th edition of the Minas Trend Preview, brings maxi tricôs and t-shirts with catchphrases from The theme of the season is the rebellion and idealism of the years 60 and 70. Check out images of the campaign and the making of:

The Patogê will also participate in the 10th edition of Minas Trend Preview. The label shows your collection summer 2013 on 26 April, the day 7:00 pm. This is the third time the mining participates in the event tag.