The Importance of Prenatal Care for Mother and Baby

Receive medical follow-up during pregnancy can prevent complications that put the health of mother and child at risk

The pregnancy is a time of many physical and emotional changes for women. Everything that the mother-to-be does or doesn’t do during the nine months of preparation for childbirth has great influence on the health of the baby. That is why it is so important to receive medical follow-up in the months preceding the birth of the child and follow the prenatal care to the letter.

The prenatal care works as an effective measure to prevent and identify health problems or more serious complications that put the life of the mother and baby at risk. The periodic visits to the doctor let you monitor the growth of the belly, the pressure changes of pregnant women, among other measures that ensure a healthy pregnancy.

With the monitoring, the pregnant woman may feel more secure about what’s going on with your body, with your baby’s health and if a problem is identified, you can receive the necessary care to keep him from getting worse.

How And When To Start Prenatal Care?

Ideally, the mother start consultations in the first quarter, so confirm the pregnancy. On average, a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Initially, the prenatal consultation should be monthly, then are replaced by smaller intervals, depending on each case. Generally, from the 32nd/33rd until the 37th week they become fortnightly and from the 40th week, with the proximity of childbirth, visits to the doctor should be sent on a weekly basis. After this period, the woman needs to be accompanied by the OB every two or three days.

In the first prenatal consultations are made some basic tests, which in general are:

Blood group;


Blood glucose;

Research of toxoplasmosis;





The prenatal examinations allow us to identify diseases, infections or disorders, such as hypertension, anemia, urinary tract infection and communicable diseases from mother to child through the blood, like AIDS and syphilis.

During the prenatal care the woman also receives information to have a healthy pregnancy, as the importance of following a balanced diet not to gain excess weight, practice physical activities and avoid the alcohol and cigarette addiction.

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