The First Impressions of Htc Hero

HTC Hero in hand
So, now I have the HTC Hero finally in the hand after I have waited so long for it, and then had to do first weekend a few other, more important things, in good German, the HTC Hero so far was a beautiful Desk decoration and no more. But now I have me on a balmy summer evening put on a balcony, with a good bottle of beer and I intensively busy with the HTC Hero. The first impression? It is lame, it is hooked and it is no fun, especially when I have to wait for user inputs and their implementation a few seconds too long. Finally, I reset the HTC Hero to factory settings and re-established, and this time ran the firmware as lubricated, the user inputs ran as I expected them, jagged and fast.
In my friend and friend circle, the HTC did not come so well, it was denigrated as a briquette, because of its touchscreen without hardware keyboard as not really usable designated, especially much criticism with the classic HTC Android chin that already from the G1 And Magic was known. The HTC’s own Sense user interface was called nice, as much more chic than the native Android interface. But here HTC with the various TouchFlo surfaces for its Windows mobile devices already gained enough experience and only a few small things wrong.

I myself as a third-generation Android expert (even if the HTC Hero is the fourth Android smartphone, what appears in Europe) after a little bit of time worked out a lot. And even though I have changed in the meantime with Symbian, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5, the iPhone OS 2.0 and iPhone OS 3.0 and various personal creations of Touchscreendevices, but somehow I was not satisfied, even with the iPhone. The AO with the smartphones is meanwhile the app shop, without apps (and Internet) is a smartphone for me only a too big “feature phone” that is not worth its money. The Apple Appstore is clearly clear (most of the more than 50,000 apps are in my opinion “core”), then comes directly to the Android Marketplace and then comes for a long time nothing. The Blackberry App World I do not know yet and at Nokia with Ovi of an App Store to speak-well I would be ashamed to designate this store so.

Without HTC the HTC Hero is also not to operate and it should be at least also a UMTS Flatrate – with my Vodafone and my o2 flat I have at the current location a proper download of 4 Mbit and an upload of 1.5 to 2 Mbit and then makes a smartphone also fun and you do not have to turn on the W-LAN that makes the battery flat in the shortest time.

I also know that a UMTS Flatrate certainly not necessarily to the cheap things belongs, but if one once considered that for the amount of 20 to 40 euro per month a mobile, almost unlimited Internet access is given, then it is the money Already almost worth, going out alone in the evening costs already more. And for this I can go 30 days online. Here I do not understand the people who own a smartphone without Flat.

And now two last words to the “lubrication factor”. The HTC Hero display has a special anti-fog coating on the screen like the iPhone 3GS, the display smears just as easily as a normal display. But the cleaning is much faster and easier, once with the display over the pants drove and already it is strip-free clean-with a normal display, the skin fat is usually only better and more carefully distributed. Also the case of the (white) HTC Hero is coated with Teflon, it is comfortably in the hand without fingerprints great to attract, thus the usual “lubrication factor” as with other smartphones is not given.

First Inter-Conclusion: The HTC Hero makes much better than the other (Android) smartphones so far and this is good. Whether the iPhone can reach the water-we’ll see it.